How To Check Spelling One By One Or Automatically In Excel?

The Microsoft Excel program can organize data, conduct business analyses, and manage operations and people, such as sorting working hours, organizing employee profiles and expenses, and helping businesses understand better about their workforce structure and activities. However, when it comes to something simple yet integral, like spelling and grammar checks, Excel is less advanced than other word-processing programs.

But if you are looking for an easy solution, you are in the right place. In this tutorial, we tell you two simple techniques to run spell check in MS Excel. Keep reading this tutorial to learn how.

Method 1

Checking Spelling In Excel One by One

A misspelled word is not marked with a red line in Excel, so people often need to pay more attention to spellings and grammar. It is important to check such errors to maintain the credibility of your data computation skills. Using an example spreadsheet with 10 sentences, we demonstrate how to check spellings in each cell one by one.

Step 1 − Select the "Review" tab and click the "Spelling" button on the toolbar's left side.

Step 2 − In the "Spelling" dialog box, check the incorrect spelling of the cell in the "Change to" box.

The Spell check feature detects each misspelled word in the cell. The change box will display the incorrect spelling, where the user can type in the right word or choose from the suggestions in the list below. In the above example, the spelling ‘ocien’ is identified as wrong. You can either ignore it or change it with the appropriate word.

Step 3 − Select the correct option from the "Suggestions" box and click "Change" to rectify the spelling.

The incorrect spelling of 'ocean' identified in Cell A2 is rectified after following step 3.

Click on the next cell, in this case cell A2, and repeat steps 1 to 3. Using this method, you can spell check each of the cells you select.

Method 2

Checking Spelling In Excel Automatically

The spell-check feature of almost every program is an integral part of the program, and excel is no exception. However, Excel does not highlight misspelled or repeated words automatically. In other words, Excel does not offer an AutoCorrect feature. But with a Visual Basic Application code, you can automatically run a spell check on multiple cells.

Step 1 − Select the cells in the spreadsheet you want to run a spell check.

Step 2 − Open the Visual Basic Editor by pressing Alt + F11 or by moving the cursor to the "Developer" tab and choosing the "Visual Basic" option in the toolbar.

Step 3 − Right-click on "Microsoft Excel Objects" in the Visual Basic Editor window and Insert → Module.

Step 4 − Click on "Module" and enter the mentioned VBA code to check the Excel spreadsheet's spelling.

VBA code to check multiple incorrect spellings on Microsoft Excel automatically −

Sub SpellCheckActiveSheet()
End Sub

Press the "Play" button at the bottom panel of the VBA editor box to run the program.

Step 5 − A spell check dialog box appears, which identifies all errors in the selected cells. Rectify the spelling in the "Change to" box or select the appropriate word from the "Suggestions" box.

Click on "Change" to implement the correct spelling in the spreadsheet. This will automatically take you to the next incorrect spelling in the selected range of cells.

Following steps 1 to 5, you can automatically check all the spellings in your selected cell range.


Excel is a powerful program which may not have the autocorrect feature but includes basic spell-checking capabilities. However, following any of the two techniques mentioned in the tutorial will help you rectify most text errors easily. You can also check out other features like Research, Thesaurus and Translate options in the "Review" tab for more help with spelling and language.

Updated on: 26-Dec-2022


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