How can we follow "Don't think about work at home"?

Some people are workaholics and are addicted to work. Their obsession makes them carry their work home either physically or mentally. They cannot switch off from work –mode and enter their home and family zones, with a strained mind and heavy hearts. As a result, they are drained both physically and mentally.

People need to relax and recharge themselves at home in order to perform better at work. Here are simple tips to enable us to avoid thinking of work at home:

Keep a decent distance: Creating less distance in terms of travel time can be used effectively to relax, listening to some music, reading a book or pondering over pending chores and the day' s schedule. Creating time to recall, recollect or rephrase.

Punctuality at work: Finishing work at the office and not carrying office files home either in physical format of files or mentally as thoughts can help. When one can finish work on time, his mind is guilt free and relaxed and ready to go home. Similarly, if he can enjoy quality time at home peacefully, he can perform better at work.

Taking up a hobby or pastime: A hobby or pastime can help in diverting one’s mind away from work-related tensions and problems.

Engaging in sports/physical activity: Pending office work or unsolved problems can be tormenting and frustrating and take their toll on a person’s health. To avoid this, one can engage in some kind of sport or physical activity. This practice is both rejuvenating for the body as well as the mind. Yoga, swimming, badminton, jogging, gardening, going for long walks can help to stress it out.

Switching off: Creating a do not disturb effect while at home is only possible if you disrupt contact and this is possible in two ways. One either switch off your mind away from office work and work-related thoughts or to switch off office mobiles and laptops at home so that you can train your mind to shut out office work when at home.

Vacation/Family Trip: Involving in plans for booking vacation flights, hotels or tours can take your mind off office tensions for a while. A pleasure trip can always be exciting and rejuvenate one's spirits.

Follow a self-help routine: Of all the techniques the most important one is self-help. Learn to create a balance between home and office and save yourself from frustration and panic. Obsession overwork can decrease work potential periodically due to fatigue and stress. Avoid carrying office work home and enjoy family time.

Resentment and frustration in family relationships can take its toll on work performance. Sincerity at work, time sense and planning well in advance can make one, efficient in spacing and balance one's work. So do justice to your work and yourself too, by training your mind to relax. Mind and body if given a good rest, will work sharper, longer and better.