How to make carrot mix juice at home?

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A and many other minerals. In the winter season, when these are available in plenty, it is a good idea to make carrot juice at home.


  1. Collect All Ingredients: Buy all the ingredients needed for carrot mix juice. Carrots, beetroot, tomatoes are a must. Rest spinach, mint, coriander, amla, lemon, ginger are optional.

  2. Start Churning: In a juicer, add carrots, beetroot, tomatoes in ratio 3:1:1.

  3. Keep Adding the Necessary Ingredients: Add simultaneously coriander, spinach, amla, ginger and mint in half the quantity of tomatoes.

  4. Lime Juice to Taste: Squeeze lemon juice while serving.

  5. Mint and Coriander: Use these to garnish.


  1. While you consume it in winters, do not add ice.

  2. You may add black salt too as it helps improving digestion.

  3. Adding lemon juice just while serving will enrich the taste of this healthy juice.

  4. Skip those ingredients which you are allergic to.

  5. Use red tomatoes and red carrots for the juice.

  6. Consume the juice just when prepared. Do not make the juice go stale by keeping it in a fridge.

  7. You can also add apples if you find carrots having a saffron shade or if tomatoes are sour.