How can I take care of leather articles at home?

The Leather is undoubtedly an expensive material as compared to its available counterparts. However, its luster and texture often get ruined with time. But we can avoid it if we handle it with a little care... gentlemen!!

1. Let It Breathe: When we purchase a new leather belt, it is often packed in polythene. But once you start using it, use a cloth to cover it and wipe it off with a clean dry cloth.

2. Hang Straight: Never swirl and bend your leather belt. Indeed hang it straight onto a hanger.

3. Store It In Shade: Sunlight or any harsh radiant light tends to make the leather product brittle in the long run.

4. Keep it Lightly Stuffed: Ladies dump loads of makeup stuff in their leather bags. This is harmful to the fabric in case a pointed object like plucker or pin Pierces onto the material. Also if some chemical reacts with leather, say from the perfume or facial bleach placed in the purse, it may even lead to cracks and tearing apart of the material.

5. Dry In Shade: Shade in case of storing the leather article is as important as drying it in the shade in case it gets wet.

6. Use Leather Conditioners: One can definitely go for the available brands of leather conditioners in the market, but one should first get a patch test done before applying it to the whole leather bag. Also, one should not overdo the application of the conditioner in order to make it extra radiant.

If handled with caution and care, the articles will stay in the same condition, and shine as if it were new.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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