How to keep lettuce leaves fresh at home?

Lettuce leaves are healthy leaves used in various salads and sandwiches. But unfortunately, they tend to get spoilt after some time. These tips will help them stay fresh for long.

  • Do Not Make It Wet: Cut the end off, put it in a bag and wash each leaf of the lettuce right before you need it. This is because if you prewash the lettuce, the moisture will wither all the leaves away.

  • Keep the Stem Intact: Do not remove the stem from lettuce. This is the biggest mistake we make while storing the leaves.

  • Use Cotton Cloth: Wrap the lettuce leaves in a cotton cloth. This will help to absorb any surplus moisture out of the leaves making them stay fresh and healthy.

  • Use Absorbent Paper: Let any extra moisture get eliminated from the leaves by spreading the lettuce evenly on the absorbent paper.

  • Use Airtight Bag: Once you have removed the moisture, use a zip log bag to store it safely in a refrigerator. If you have a vacuum-packing machine, you can use it on a jar of lettuce.

  • Use Deep Freezer: Do not place directly in the refrigerator, use crisper drawer which is the coldest part of the freezer to increase the shelf life of these leaves.

  • Blow In: This might seem a little surprising, but blowing in the bag of lettuce leaves can help increase its shelf life for a longer period. This is because, providing carbon dioxide to it, will help it stay fresh.

Updated on: 20-Apr-2022


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