Think and suggest some ways to minimise waste and pollutants at their source, taking your home as an example.

A few simple steps at home can minimize the strain imposed on the water supply system in cleaning the water for our use. These are:
  • The leftover food items should not be thrown down the drain as they contain oil and fats because they can choke the pipes when they harden. These when thrown in open drains block the soil pores, thereby decreasing its effectiveness to filter water. Therefore, such waste should be thrown in dustbins only.
  • Solid wastes such as used tea leaves, food remain, plastic bags, soft toys, cotton and sanitary towels should not be thrown down the drains. Such wastes block the drains and reduce the free flow of oxygen and thus, slowing down the process of degradation.
  • Various chemical products such as medicines, motor oils, paints, grease, machine oils and insecticides may kill water purifying microorganisms and hamper the degradation process. These should not be thrown down the drain. 

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