How to make soap at home?

Soap making at home is very interesting as one can go about adding and mixing many ingredients as per one’s own choice and availability of the ingredients. While some people love to experiment, others may wish to play safe. So, let us look at some of the ways in which one can make soap at home.

The Most Easiest Way

The most fundamental and easiest of all the ways is using bits of leftovers of soap, to make a new one. Take the leftovers of soaps used at home, and melt them. The procedure to melt is simple. Take a pan and add these bits along with some water, and put it on the heat. After some time, put the fire off and let the soap mixture reach room temperature. If still, some big pieces remain, crush it in a mixture, first and then repeat the same melting procedure.

Using Caustic Soda

The other way is using Caustic soda:

Take mineral water, lye (caustic soda), extra virgin olive oil, aloe vera juice in ratio 2:1: 0.5: 0.5. Now, the Aloe Vera juice may be the one available in the market or freshly extracted. With careful proceedings using gloves, heat the lye in mineral water using continuous stirring. Measure its temperature using a thermometer, carefully so that it may not break.

The temperature should be kept somewhere between 120 to 140 degree Fahrenheit. In another pan, heat olive oil to the same temperature and then mix both the heated lye mixture and the heated olive oil mixture gently and cautiously. Pour in aloe vera juice and mix it again. Once done, pour it into a greased soap mould and let it rest for 48-72 hours and de-mould to use this aromatic soap.

  • Instead of Aloe vera juice, you can even add orange juice or cucumber extract, etc. of your choice.

  • If the smell is not pleasant, add any essential oil in ratio half to that of Aloe vera juice.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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