GDPR/European Data Protection Made Easy

Data Protection crash course to enhance your knowledge in the field of GDPR.

  Andrei Balint

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Language - English Published on 07/2022


Data Protection is a wave that has grown ever since the Data Protection Directive and now Europe boasts the most impressive and strict Data protection legislation worldwide. What tone does it set for Privacy on a world-wide scale and what does it require of companies operating in the EEA? What rights do data subjects in the European Union have and how can they access them ?

All of these question are fundamental in understanding the General Data Protection Regulation as well as common privacy elements shared by similar types of laws and regulation.

After attending this course you will be able to understand all the fundamental implications and requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation for both organizations as well as individuals.


  • Scope of the GDPR

  • Types of data

  • Data Protection Roles

  • How Do we process personal data

  • Data Subject rights

  • Transparency

  • Cross-Border Data Transfers

  • Security and Compliance

This course is also able to help you in passing your CIPP/E Certification by furthering your knowledge in the GDPR as well as serving as a baseline to build up your knowledge in the field of Data Protection.

The slides are downloadable in the first lecture and you will also have a downloadable Data Protection Framework to guide your actions in creating a Data Protection Program.

Within the first lecture you will also have a detailed word document containing a lot of additional information on the GDPR and European Data protection history. You must read that document to adequately prepare for the CIPP/E Exam

Thank you very much!

What Will I Get ?

  • Understand the core concepts of the GDPR
  • Understand European Data Subject Rights
  • Learn Legal Bases for Processing Personal Data
  • Prepare for the CIPP/E exam


  • None but prior knowledge of Data Protection is good to have

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