Flex - Visual Effects

We can add behavior to flex application using the concept of Effects. For example, when a text box gets focus, we can make its text become bolder and make its size slight bigger.

Every effect inherits properties from Effect class which in turn inherits properties from EventDispatcher and other top level classes.

Sr.No Effect & Description
1 Flex Effect Class

The Effect class is an abstract base class that defines the basic functionality of all Flex effects. This class defines the base factory class for all effects.

Basic Effects

Following are the few important Basic Visual Effects −

Sr.No Effect & Description
1 Fade

The Fade effect animates the alpha property of a component.

2 WipeLeft

The WipeLeft class defines a wipe left effect.

3 WipeRight

The WipeRight class defines a wipe right effect.

4 Move3D

The Move3D class moves a target object in the x, y, and z dimensions.

5 Scale3D

The Scale3D class scales a target object in three dimensions around the transform center.

6 Rotate3D

The Rotate3D class rotate a target object in three dimensions around the x, y, or z axes.

7 Animate

This Animate effect animates an arbitrary set of properties between values. Specify the properties and values to animate by setting the motionPaths property.

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