Flex - FlexUnit Integration

Flash Builder 4 has an excellent inbuilt support for FlexUnit integration in Flex development Cycle.

Create a Test Case Class

You can create a Test Case Class using Flash Builder Create Test Class wizard. Running test cases is a breeze with Flash Builder as you will see in this article.

To create a test case class using Flash Builder, Click on File > New > Test Case Class. Enter the details as shown below.

Flex Test Case Class

Flash Builder will create the following TestClass1.as a file.

package com.tutorialspoint.client {
   public class TestClass1 {		
      public function setUp():void {}

      public function tearDown():void {}

      public static function setUpBeforeClass():void {}

      public static function tearDownAfterClass():void {}	

FlexUnit Integration Example

Now, let us follow the steps to test FlexUnit Integration in a Flex application −

Step Description
1 Create a project with a name HelloWorld under a package com.tutorialspoint.client as explained in the Flex - Create Application chapter.
2 Modify HelloWorld.mxml as explained below. Keep rest of the files unchanged.
3 Create TestClass1.as test case as described above and Modify TestClass1.as as explained below.
4 Compile and run the application to make sure business logic is working as per the requirements.

Following is the content of the modified as file src/com.tutorialspoint/client/TestClass1.as.

package com.tutorialspoint.client {
   import org.flexunit.asserts.assertEquals;

   public class TestClass1 {		
      private var counter: int = 1;

      public function setUp():void {
         //this code will run before every test case execution

      public function tearDown():void {
         //this code will run after every test case execution

      public static function setUpBeforeClass():void {
         //this code will run once when test cases start execution

      public static function tearDownAfterClass():void {
         //this code will run once when test cases ends execution

      public function testCounter():void { 
         assertEquals(counter, 1);

Following is the content of the modified mxml file src/com.tutorialspoint/HelloWorld.mxml.

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?>
<s:Application xmlns:fx = "http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009" 
   xmlns:s = "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark" 
   xmlns:mx = "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx" 
   minWidth = "500" minHeight = "500">

Once you are ready with all the changes done, let us compile in normal mode as we did in Flex - Create Application chapter.

Running Test cases

Now Right Click on TestClass1 in package explorer and select Run As > FlexUnit Tests. You'll see the following output in Flash Builder test window.

flex FlexUnit Result

Flash Builder also shows test results in the browser.

flex FlexUnit Result1
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