FL Studio - Mixing & Mastering Course for Beginners

Mix and Master your music in any DAW - Simplified for beginners

  Sabelo September

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Language - English Published on 07/2022


Hello! My name is Sabelo September. I am a Producer, SAMA Nominated Mixing Engineer, and Content Creator based in Cape Town, South Africa.

I've been in the Producer/Mix Engineer seat for nearly a decade, and I have produced Instrumentals featured on NETFLIX Reality Series, worked with many independent musicians, and record labels. I have produced & Engineered a variety of genres ranging from Hip Hop, RnB, Dance, Afro Beat, and more.

If you are new to Mixing or still can't figure out why your Mixes sound like _ _ _, this Course will give you a 3D view and simplify your Mixing approach... I remember going through one Tutorial after another and still couldn't get the sound I want. Mixing seemed so hard until I stopped making it so and started developing my own "Real World" way of seeing it. Please don't be intimidated by the term "Audio Mixing", it's simpler than you think and I will prove it in this Course.

What to expect in the Course:

1. You going to learn how to mix multiple instruments into one Stereo File.

2. You going to learn how to turn your Mixdown Stereo File into a Fat, Punchy, Loud, and competitive Master.

3. A different and practical approach to Mixing

4. You will learn why we use certain plugins and how to use them in your mixes.

To follow along:

  • FL Studio 20 software (preferably FL Studio Producer Edition or above)

  • A Working PC, Laptop, iMac, or MacBook

  • A Basic Understanding of Music

  • FL Studio 20 software (preferably FL Studio Producer or above)

  • Basic Music Production skills are desirable, but not necessary

  • Must be willing to Learn!

Please be patient with yourself and remember; "Repetition is the only way to master any skill"

Let's get to work!!!

Who this course is for:

  • For anyone who wants to learn to Mix Music using FL Studio and other DAWs, the concepts are universal.

  • Those interested in improving their Music Production skills

  • Anyone who wants to Mix and Master their own music

  • Anyone who may be interested in switching to FL Studio 20 from another DAW

  • Those who want to improve their sound quality.

Note: Explicit Lyrics

What Will I Get ?

  • A practical aproach to Mixing
  • Mixing multiple instrument and vocal tracks
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Turn raw tracks to professional sounding mix and master
  • How Mixing Effects/Plugins work and why use them


  • FL Studio 20 software (preferably FL Studio Producer or above)
  • A Working PC, Laptop, iMac or MacBook
  • A Basic Understanding of Music
  • Must be willing to Learn!

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