Entrepreneurship: Complete Personal And Business Development

Kickstart Your Journey From A Dreampreneur To An Entrepreneur Now

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The Course Entrepreneurship: Complete Personal And Business Development, lays down an elaborate step by step guide to start your journey from a Dreampreneur to an Entrepreneur. 

If you are hesitant to take the first step with questions of all kinds as to whether my idea is good enough, legal structure for the company, choose product or service domain, hiring and managing the workforce and questions of all kinds then this course is meant just for you.

The course is designed by the entrepreneur-investor Aaishwarya Chandra based on his experience with the startups. Each topics are dealt with in detail with case studies from Rupal Pun making it even more clearer. 

Entrepreneurship is more or less You, The Entrepreneur and Your Business. These two aspects are covered in detail in 8 Sections. 

They are,

Part 1: Entrepreneurship

This section of course will introduce you to the foundational concepts of Entrepreneurship. It asks you many questions as to why start building your business in the very first place. Because without the right reasons and motivations it is really difficult to build a business from scratch. The section will help you answer why to enter the entrepreneurial world from a stable 9-6 job.

Part 2: Your Personality As An Entrepreneur

This section is to fully develop a successful Entrepreneurial mindset that every business owner must have. We will together explore concepts like communication, leadership, physical and mental health and why they are essential for an entrepreneur. With time management and goal setting, you will learn how to manage you and your employees efficiently.

As you go through, you will learn how brand building influences customer loyalty and how to retain it. Upon completion of this section, you’ll be confident enough to make a great pitch by learning effective business presentation skills.

Part 3: Your Personal Economy

Just like a nation every entrepreneur has his/her own personal economy. You can never become rich just by earning money but by careful investment. Entrepreneurship is not just about having an idea and applying it to make profits, but instead it is about making money through your business and multiplying it to grow more. The section will answer questions like-

  • Well how can you multiply your investment?

  • How do you manage your equity?

  • Am I generating good profits?

  • How to make smart investment decisions?

If you struggle to find an answer to this question, you now no longer be awaiting.

Part 4: Your Business

Starting your own business is one of the most compelling reasons to leave the corporate world. Whether you are planning a startup or growing a more established business, there are some essential business strategies and practices that you should incorporate to give you a strong chance of success.

In this part we will start with learning how to build a company with a professional approach. The section is divided into three parts:

  • Launching Your Business

  • Managing Your Business

  • Expanding Your Business

Each part is concluded by a case study to give a better real world idea of the technique discussed. Make sure to check it out.

Part 5: Launching Your Business

When we conceive an idea, it is very vague in nature. We have to narrow it down so that it serves a specific purpose and to a specific set of audience.

Legal structure for your business is another important factor to sort out when starting up.

Apart from the legal structures we will also cover crucial questions such as:

  • How to build your board of directors?

  • Equity Vs Salary, what is better to start with?

  • Why do you need a partner and How to Choose People for partnership?

By the end of the module, you will practically understand almost everything about starting up with your venture.

Part 6: Managing Your Business

Managing Your Business focuses on maintaining the efficiency of various departments in the company. From Sales to Marketing, to Operations and Finance, learn all you need to know about the core departments of running a successful business. You will learn how to develop and grow your people with the Human Resources Department.

At the end of this section, you will be able to stop the fire fighting everyday and manage your firm professionally.

Part 7: Expanding Your Business

There are many forms of business expansion available on the path to profitability, but how do you choose one? This section provides a clear overview of the different ways of fundraising, such as angel investors, venture capitalists, and crowd-funding, debt, and risk capital.

You will learn about various expansion strategies like market and product expansion to develop an understanding on how to grow your business sustainably.

Part 8: Corporate Social Responsibility

Quite a few people do not fully understand what Corporate Social Responsibility really means- is it philanthropy, green PR or indeed a part of a new Conscious Capitalism? This section of the course is entirely about responsibility of business towards the society. We shall discuss why it is so important for the business to give back to the society.

At the end of each module, Quiz will test your understanding while Resources and Case Studies help you build one. This is the only course you need to develop your personality and your business. What are you waiting for?

Let’s get started!!


  • How to Think and Act like an Entrepreneur with clear focus on your Personality 

  • How to be your own boss, run a business, and achieve your goals.

  • Fostering your talent, developing new skills, and transforming your weaknesses into strengths.

  • How your physical health contributes to your business health.

  • Manage your money efficiently by building your portfolio and growing your capital in a sustainable manner. 

  • Building a business from nurturing the idea to managing core essential departments of a business.

  • Strategies to build and retain loyal customers through brand management.

  • Get better acquainted with generating and validating your business ideas.

  • Managing your biggest asset: employees.

  • Effectively managing your sales team with 100% efficiency.

  • Determining the right expansion model that suits your business model.

  • The creation, evaluation, and negotiation of contracts and sales agreements.

  • Evaluate several practical ways to raise funds for your business.

  • What makes corporate social responsibility an eminent factor for business’s growth today?


  • Basic English Language 
  • Laptop/Smart Phone 
  • Internet Connection
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  • Gayatri Narasimhan
    Gayatri Narasimhan

  • prateek singh
    prateek singh

    Good course to start with, covers pretty much everything for a beginner.

Entrepreneurship: Complete Personal And Business Development
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