Difference Between Web page and Website


In this post, we will understand the difference between web page and website −


  • It is a collection of multiple web pages displayed on the web using a client-like browser.

  • It contains more than one web webpage.

  • These pages contain information.

  • It is a combination of webpages that are created with the help of HTML and CSS.

  • It is a place that helps display content.

  • It requires more time to develop a website in comparison to developing webpages.

  • It includes content about multiple entities.

  • It can be accessed with the help of HTTP, DNS (Domain Name System) Protocols.

  • There is no extension that is included in the URL of a website.

  • It is complex to create the structure of the website and program it.

  • A website would include webpages, relevant content, and hyperlinks.

  • They help establish credibility to business.

  • They also improve the positive impression of the company/business.

  • It helps improve the user experience.


  • It is part of the website that includes information and content.

  • This content is displayed on the browser to user who visits the website.

  • It is a single document that is displayed in the browser.

  • Information is written in HTML.

  • It is the content that is displayed on the website.

  • It takes less time to develop content for a webpage or a webpage itself.

  • It contains information about a specific entity.

  • URL of a webpage includes extensions.

  • It is easy and simple to develop webpage once the structure of the website is in-place.

  • It may include text, graphics, and hyperlink.

  • It provides information using related pictures, and videos.

Published on 23-Apr-2021 06:38:33