Difference between Deep Web and Dark Web

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Deep Web

The deep web is the web content that is not accessible to search engines. For example, banking information, government confidential data, data present on clouds. Data on a deep web can be accessed only after proper authentication.

Dark Web

Dark Web is the web where the website owners are anonymous. Dark Web is often used for illegal activities. A Dark web cannot be accessed via normal browsers/search engines. Specialized softwares are required to access the dark web.

Following are some of the important differences between the Deep Web and Dark Web

Sr. No.KeyDeep WebDark Web
1ConceptThe deep web is part of the www web where contents cannot be indexed by search engines.The dark web is part of www web where content lies on the darknet where contents can be accessed only using specific software, configurations or authorization access.
2UsageThe deep web is used by an organization like banks, corporates, etc.The dark web is a hub of illegal activities. Criminals/terrorists etc are active on the dark web.
3IndexingDeep Web contents are not indexed by a search engine.Contents are accessible on personal networks/peer to peer configurations.
4RegulationWebsites are invisible to the world as public access is not enabled.Dark Web is not regulated and IP addresses are hidden.
5AccessDeep web contents are accessible with a valid username/password or another authentication mechanism.The dark web is accessible with specific software only.

Updated on 16-Apr-2020 06:11:08