Difference between Static and Dynamic Web Pages

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In context of internet surfing there is two party communication i.e between web browser (client) and the web server (server).Now to regulate this communication there are some protocols among which most common is HTTP protocol which allows such communication in which the browser sends an HTTP request to the server, and then the server sends an HTTP response to the browser.

Now on the basis of type of response sent to the browser we can classify this response in two categories one is Static web page and other is Dynamic web page.

Following are the important differences between Static Web Page and Dynamic Web Page.

Sr. No.KeyStatic Web PageDynamic Web Page
1DefinitionStatic web pages are generally simple HTML written pages which serve as response from browser to server in which all the information and data is static in nature and it does not get changed until someone changed it manually.On other hand Dynamic webpages are the pages written in some more complex language such as ASP.NET in which data is rendered after some interpretation and capacity to produce distinctive content for different calls.
2ComplexityAs mentioned in above point as data in static web pages is static and do not require any interpretation before rendering so static web pages are simple in complexity.Dynamic web pages on other hand does the interpretation process which make data dynamic in nature and due to which dynamic web pages become complex in complexity as compare to static web pages.
3Language usedStatic web pages are generally written in simpler languages such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.On other Dynamic web pages are written in more complex languages such as CGI, AJAX, ASP, ASP.NET, etc.
4Rendered DataFor static web pages data do not changes until someone changes it manually and hence data is static in nature.On other hand for Dynamic web page data is first interoperate at server side and due to which it does not remain same on every call and this makes data dynamic in nature..
5TimeStatic web pages due to static data take less time to get load.While Dynamic web pages due to dynamic data take comparatively more time as compare to static web pages.
6DatabaseIn Static web pages generally no involvement of database for data redecoration.On other hand in case of Dynamic web page database is used for data redecoration.
Published on 10-Jan-2020 05:39:22