Difference between Static IP Address and Dynamic IP Address

Static IP Address and Dynamic IP Address, both are used to identify a computer on a network or on internet. Static IP address is provided by Internet Service Provider and remains fixed till the system is connected to the network. Dynamic IP address is provided by DHCP, generally a company gets a single static IP address and then generates the dynamic IP address for its computers within the organization's network.

Following are some of the important differences between Static IP Address and Dynamic IP Address.

Sr. No.KeyStatic IP AddressDynamic IP Address
1ProviderInternet Service Provider, ISP provides the static IP Address.DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is used to generate dynamic IP Address.
2ChangesStatic IP address does not get changed with time.Dynamic IP address can be changed any time.
3SecurityStatic IP Address is less secured.Dynamic IP address being volatile in nature is less risky.
4DesignationStatic IP address is difficult to assign or reassign.Dynamic IP address is easy to assign and reassign.
5Device trackingDevice using static IP address can be traced easily.Device using dynamic IP address is difficult to trace.
6StabilityStatic IP address is highly stable.Dynamic IP address is less stable than static IP address.
7CostStatic IP address is costly to maintain.Dynamic IP address is cheaper to use and maintain than static IP address.
Published on 06-Jan-2020 06:46:27