Developing AutoCAD Plugins using VB.NET with Windows Forms

This course will teach you how to develop AutoCAD Plugins using VB.NET with Windows Forms.

  Arnold Higuit

   Design, Architectural Design, AutoCAD

Language - English Published on 03/2021


In this course, you will learn how to develop AutoCAD Plugins using VB.NET with Windows Forms. You will be presented 6 hands-on projects to learn from. By the time you finish this course, you will be able to create your own AutoCAD Plugins with User Interfaces that automate AutoCAD processes for your drawings.

The following Projects will be developed in this course:

1)  DrawRectangle - This project is a very simple one but it gives you all the basic knowledge you need to know to use Windows Forms in your plugin.

2) AutomateUpdateLayer - This project will introduce you to processing multiple drawings and updating the layer for each drawing automatically based on the user input from the UI.

3) AutomaticBlockExtractor - This project will let you extract block information into a file. This also processes multiple drawing files in a selected folder.

4) AutomateUpdateTextstyles - This project will let you process multiple drawing files and update the text style of each drawing based on the information provided in the user interface.

5) MultiplePlotToPDF - This project will let you plot multiple drawings into a PDF. This will process individual drawing in the folder and  convert it to PDF automatically.

6) MultiObjectExtractor - This project will process each drawing in a folder and extract each of the object (e.g. Line, Pline, MText, etc.) into a file automatically.

The source code is provided and included in this course and you can use and tweak it according to your requirement.

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn how to develop AutoCAD Plug-ins using Windows Forms by developing real world applications
  • Learn how to design User Interfaces
  • Learn about Event-Driven Programming
  • Learn how to use different User Controls (Label, Textbox, Button, Listbox, ComboBox, GroupBox
  • Learn how to code behind the Form (e.g. Events, Methods and Classes)
  • Learn how to automate processing AutoCAD Drawings
  • Develop multiple projects and be comfortable with programming AutoCAD using VB dot NET


  • Knowledge of AutoCAD
  • Knowledge of VBNET is essential but not necessary
  • Basic knowledge of Computer Programming

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