CUDA Tutorial

CUDA Tutorial

CUDA is a parallel computing platform and an API model that was developed by Nvidia. Using CUDA, one can utilize the power of Nvidia GPUs to perform general computing tasks, such as multiplying matrices and performing other linear algebra operations, instead of just doing graphical calculations. Using CUDA, developers can now harness the potential of the GPU for general purpose computing (GPGPU).


Anyone who is unfamiliar with CUDA and wants to learn it, at a beginner's level, should read this tutorial, provided they complete the pre-requisites. It can also be used by those who already know CUDA and want to brush-up on the concepts.


The reader should be able to program in the C language. He/She should have a machine with a CUDA capable card. Knowledge of computer architecture and microprocessors, though not necessary, can come extremely handy to understand topics such as pipelining and memories.

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