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This Spotle.ai Masterclass, by top academicians, makes your fundamental skills strong for machine learning.

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Language - English Published on 12/2021


Probability and statistics lies at the core of machine learning. This course, designed by top academicians, is for helping you build your fundamentals strong in probability and statistics, which are essential in the field of machine learning. A career in machine learning is something that many people are aspiring and preparing for. This course is designed for the enthusiasts to give a 360 degree coverage. The course will help you learn the essentials skills, as well help you solve complex business problems. For the enthusiasts who want to make it big into machine learning, this course gives an ideal learning experience.

We understand the value of your time. All Spotle.ai courses are compact and to the point. So that you can learn quickly and give more time to applications building. Get ready for the experiential learning.

What Will I Get ?

  • Basic statistics and its applications

  • Basic statistics and data visualization using python

  • Probability, conditional probability and Bayes theorem

  • Random variables

  • Probability distribution using Python programming language

  • Measuring central tendency

  • Measuring skewness and kurtosis

  • Statistical estimation

  • Missing data imputation


  • In this course we start from scratch.
  • It assumes you have the basic understanding of Python programming language as we have worked with data hands-on using Python.

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