AWS ElastiCache - Viewing Cluster Details


We can get the detailed information about a cluster for plannign for additional nodes or estimate the cost etc. AWS ElastiCache provides an interface to access the details of the cluster in a single web page and use those values as needed for various tuning up or estimation processes. The steps to access the cluster details are very straight forward where we can use either the console or also AWS CLI. We will see both the methods below.

Identify the Cluster

In this method we login to the aws console and go to the ElastiCache dashboard. From the dashboard we choose the name of the cluster whose details we need. In the below diagram we see the name of the cluster as a hyperlink after visiting the ElastiCache dashboard.

Viewcluster 1

Cluster Description

Clicking on the name of the cluster above takes us to the page which shows two tabs, one describing the node details and another tab giving the description of the cluster. Next, we click on the description tab and get the details shown below. As you can find, the complete details of the cluster mentioning the Endpoint, Availability zone, security group and parameter group etc is listed down here. We use the mentioned Endpoint to access the node in the cluster from a EC2 box.

Viewcluster 2

Through AWS CLI

We can also get the cluster details by using the AWS command line interface or CLI. We need to have the AWS CLI tool installed in the machine from where we will access the cluster details. Below is the command which needs to be executed in the EC2 box which can give us the details of the cluster in json format. The format of the output is configured as part of the AWS CLI configuration process.

aws elasticache describe-cache-clusters --cache-cluster-id tpecacheredis

The result can be seen in the screens shot shown below.

Viewcluster 3