AWS ElastiCache - Events


Throughout the lifecycle of the ElastiCache cluster, many things happen, like addition or removal of a node, the SNS notification service being updated etc. These are known as events in ElastiCache. It is important to monitor the events to analyse and enhance the performance of the cluster as well as troubleshoot any issue with the cluster.

These ElastiCache logs events that relate to your cluster instances, security groups, and parameter groups. This information includes the date and time of the event, the source name and source type of the event, and a description of the event.

Accessing Events

To access the log events, we login to the cluster and go to the ElastiCache dashboard. On the left we see various ElastiCache services among which Events is one such service. From the right tab we choose the specific cluster name whose events we want to monitor.

Memcached Events 1

On choosing the above option we can see the list of all the events for that cluster. It also shows the timestamp and the number of events that has occurred for that cluster.

Memcached Events 2

Filtering Event Types

ElastiCache classifies the events into many categories. That makes it easier to narrow the event list to certain types of events needed for our analysis. In the top left corner of the events window we see the drop down showing the filter values. Choosing one of those values gives us the specific type of events.

Memcached Events 3