AWS ElastiCache - Rebooting Cluster


Many times, we need to change a parameter value for a cluster. To apply the new value the cluster needs to be restarted. This is also called rebooting a cluster. When a reboot happens, the cluster flushes all its data and restarts its engine and remains inaccessible during the reboot.

Below are the two steps to reboot a cluster.

Identify the Cluster

In this method we login to the aws console and go to the ElastiCache dashboard. From the dashboard we choose the name of the cluster whose details we need. In the below diagram we see the name of the cluster details after clicking the name of the cluster as a hyperlink in the ElastiCache dashboard.

Reboot Cluster 1

Reboot the Cluster

Choose the reboot button as highlighted in the previous diagram. This will bring up the next screen, warning about the unavailability of the nodes in the cluster for few minutes. On clicking the Reboot button, the cluster restart process starts and after few minutes the cluster becomes available again.

Reboot Cluster 2