AWS ElastiCache - Listing Parameters


To control the runtime behaviour of the Redis cluster nodes we use many parameters which we have already seen in previous chapter. In this chapter we see the exact steps to list the parameters that are available in different versions of Redis and Memcached clusters in the AWS platform.

Parameter Group Dashboard

We login to the AWS console and go to the ElastiCache dashboard. From the dashboard in the left we choose Parameter Groups. Then we see the name of the parameter group along with the family to which the parameter group belongs. The family of the group indicates the type of cache whether Redis or Memcached along with the version of the engine.

The below screen shows the result of selecting the parameter group form the left tab.

Listing Parameters 1

We can expand the parameter group details display by sliding the dashboard details to the left. In the below screen we have the list of all the latest parameter groups available in the AWS platform. The description tag indicates the cluster version and engine type.

Listing Parameters 2

Parameter List

Next, we can view the details of the parameters under each parameter group. Click on the check box of a specific parameter group. This will bring out a list of all the parameters associated with that group in the bottom of the screen. You can aslo notice the number of parameters associated with that parameter group.

Listing Parameters 3