AWS ElastiCache - Removing Nodes


As part of scaling down the cluster or modifying the cluster, we may need to remove some existing node from cluster. The process of removing node is very similar to that of adding the node. In the below steps we see how we remove a node form a cluster.

Selecting the Node

We login to the AWS console and go to the ElastiCache dashboard. From the dashboard we choose the name of the cluster whose node we want to remove. Then we see the name of the cluster as a hyperlink in the ElastiCache dashboard. Clicking on it gives us the description tab and the Nodes tab.

In the nodes tab we find the Action button. Clicking on the Action button drop down shows the option of deleting a node as shown in the diagram below.

Remove Node 1

Delete the Node

Next, we select the checkbox against the node we want to delete and press the delete option from the Actions button. This initiates the process of deleting the node. As the process takes time, we can see the process of deletion on the web page marked in red as deleting.

Remove Node 2

After a while if we refresh the screen, we can see the below diagram where the chosen node is removed from the cluster.

Remove Node 3