AWS ElastiCache - Deleting Parameters


Parameter Groups are a collection of parameters which control the behaviour of the ElastiCache cluster. But many times, we need our own list of parameters to be grouped together for some specific configuration needs. In such case we can create and delete our own custom parameter groups.

In this chapter we will see how to create a custom parameter group and delete it also.

Create Parameter Group

From the ElastiCache dashboard, we choose the Memcached engine and go to the screen describing the Memcached engine. Then we click on the create parameter group button and provide the following inputs to cerate a custom parameter group.

Creating Deleting Parameters 1

View Parameter Group

After clicking the create button in the above screen, we get the custom parameter group created. We can see the list of parameters in this group after selecting the check box to the left of the name of the custom group as shown below. We can see a list of parameters and their descriptions.

Creating Deleting Parameters 2

Delete Parameter Group

Next, we can delete the parameters by deleting the parameter group. We select the parameter group to be deleted and click the delete button. The below windows prompt for confirming the delete action and on confirming the group gets deleted.

Creating Deleting Parameters 3