AWS ElastiCache - Cluster Endpoints


After you have created the cluster and its status shows as available then you can take steps to access the cluster. But you also have to authorized access to the cluster. Next you can log in to an Amazon EC2 instance and connect to the cluster. To do so, you must first determine the endpoint.

Endpoints are the URLs through which you can interact with cluster by passing the required commands for the cache engine. We will learn about the details of using the commands in another chapter. In this chapter we will see the steps to locate the end point of the clusters.

Redis Endpoint

To identify the endpoint of a Redis cluster we visit the ElastiCache dashboard and select the check box against the Redis cluster name we need. It brings out the below screen which shows the primary Endpoint for a Redis cluster.

Accessing End Point 1

Memcached Endpoint

It is the same method as the Redis cluster above except that in the ElastiCache dashboard, we choose Memcached while selecting the cluster name. In the result we see the description of the cluster details along with the name of the Endpoint.

Accessing End Point 2