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AutoCAD Programming Using C#.NET - Beginner Course

Created by Arnold Higuit, Last Updated 23-Aug-2020, Language:English

AutoCAD Programming Using C#.NET - Beginner Course

This is your ultimate guide to learning C# programming in AutoCAD.

Created by Arnold Higuit, Last Updated 23-Aug-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn and understand Fundamentals of C# Programming
  • Understand .NET Framework and learn Visual Studio IDE 2017
  • Learn and Understand AutoCAD .NET API structure
  • Learn how to create your own AutoCAD Plugins
  • Manipulate AutoCAD Objects using C#
  • Create AutoCAD objects using C#
  • Learn how to use Selection Sets and Filters using C#
  • Develop 2 different projects: 1) Create your own Drawing TitleBlocks for different Paper Sizes through code 2) Create an Audit Program to count different entities in the drawing


  • Knowledge of AutoCAD
  • Programming knowledge is advantageous but not necessary as we will go through the basics of C# Programming


This course will guide you in every step to learn how to develop AutoCAD Plugins using C# and AutoCAD .NET API. If you don't have C# knowledge, I have created a separate section to learn C# fundamentals.

Course Content

Arnold Higuit

Sr. Software Developer

A Sr. Software Developer and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) and Microsoft Certified Applications Developer (MCAD) with extensive knowledge on different technology in different industries.

I have worked on several companies ranging from Architectural, Engineering & Construction, Utilities, Marketing, Telecommunications, and now in Financial Corporation.

I have been exposed to many different Technologies and Frameworks and Programming Languages. Developing applications using C#, Java, AutoLISP, VB/VBA, GIS and CAD Applications. I also worked on many different Enterprise Databases (e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase).