ASP.NET WP - Environment Setup

You can start ASP.NET Web Pages development using any one of the following tools −

  • WebMatrix
  • Visual Studio


WebMatrix is a free, lightweight, easy to install and easy to use set of web development tools that provides the easiest way to build websites. It is a tool that integrates a web page editor, a database utility, a web server for testing pages, and features for publishing your website to the Internet.

  • It includes IIS Express which is a development web server, ASP.NET and SQL Server Compact, which is an embedded database.

  • The web pages that you create using WebMatrix can be dynamic.

  • To program dynamic Web pages, you can use ASP.NET with the Razor syntax and with the C# or Visual Basic programming languages.

  • If you already have programming tools that you like, you can try the WebMatrix tools or you can use your own tools to create websites that use ASP.NET such as Visual Studio.

WebMatrix Installation

You can install the WebMatrix from the following link −

Web Matrix

Download the WebMatrix and double click on the WebMatrixWeb.exe and it will start the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Web Platform Installer

The Web Platform Installer appears, and now it is ready to install WebMatrix.

Microsoft WebMatrix

Click Install button to start the WebMatrix installation.

Web Platform Prerequisites

Click I Accept to continue the installation.

Accept Installation

Once the installation is completed, you will see the following message.

Web Platform Installed

Visual Studio Installation

Microsoft provides a free version of Visual Studio that also contains SQL Server and it can be downloaded from

Step 1 − Once downloading is completed, run the installer. It will display the following dialog.

Visual Studio Installation

Step 2 − Click Install and it will start installation process.

Visual Studio Community

Step 3 − Once the installation process is completed successfully you will see the following dialog.

Visual Studio Setup Completed

Step 4 − Close this dialog and restart your computer if required.

Step 5 − Now open Visual studio from the Start Menu, which will open a below dialog and it will take some time to open for the first time for preparation as shown in the following screenshot.

Visual Studio First Use

Step 6 − Once all this is done, you will see the main window of Visual studio.

Microsoft Visual Studio

You can now start ASP.NET Web Pages development.

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