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What is the Salary of an Ethical Hackers?

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 17:14:09
Today, in this era of advanced technologies, cybercrimes or cyber threats have impacted a lot on any company's data security or data protection. Hackers do unauthorized access to the data of computers and smartphones and intervene the data privacy. Many companies face severe data theft challenges worldwide, leading to substantial business losses.To stop these malicious attacks, IT professionals are permitted to deal with this vulnerable task to protect the data of companies and individuals. Ethical Hackers are professionals with technical skills in detecting these malicious attacks and resolving the issues.The prime responsibilities of ethical hackers are to define and categorize ... Read More

What is Spoofing? Definition, how it Works, and How to Protect from Attacks

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 17:08:48
At present, different types of cybercrimes are getting developed, and these are the prime cause of data loss in an organization. Among these, Spoofing is another harmful cybercrime where it becomes easy for criminals to disguise phone calls and email addresses. Key facts to know about Spoofing Cybercriminals use spoofing to hack the confidential information of an individual and organizations. Here all need to understand the critical features of Spoofing. It is the process through which hackers can divulge all personal information. Hackers can get all the information through email, caller IDs, and GPS services. Hence it is suggested to ... Read More

Lapsus$ Cyber Attacks – How Ethical Hackers Can Help

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 16:57:42
An ethical hacker is a specialist with in-depth technical knowledge and talents specifically skilled at identifying and exploiting flaws in target systems. The proprietors of the designs have permitted him to work. An ethical hacker's goal is to evaluate the security posture of a target organization or system, and they must abide by the laws of the target owner and the company. It's like a secret shopper. They go into stores covertly to look for issues and give comments on what needs to be fixed. To test a store's security, secret shoppers may even simulate thefts. Similarly, firms that wish ... Read More

How to become a Cyber Security Analyst?

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 16:48:28
IT professionals who want to flourish in the IT field can become a cyber-security analysts. The responsibility of a cyber-security analyst is to protect the company’s network from any type of cyber-attack. Here the professionals need to research advanced IT trends and generate emergency strategies.Companies appoint cyber security professionals to implement necessary cyber security protection and advanced security controls. Aspirants who want to become cyber-security analyst, should understand the ways to become professionals in this field.Steps to become a cyber-security analyst Aspirants who want to become professionals as cyber security analysts need to understand the steps that will help them ... Read More

Cyber Security Framework: Types, Benefits, and Best Practices

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 16:41:06
Nowadays, safeguarding precious data from cybercriminals has never been so essential in this modern world. An organization has vast data, and it is challenging to manage all that without a structured plan. Any organization's IT professionals cannot do it on their own. Hence, they rely on something called Cyber Security Framework. We will discuss many of these Cyber Security Frameworks here, and you'll walk away knowing all the core concepts of these frameworks. What is a Cyber Security Framework? These documents describe guidelines, standards, and best practices for cyber security risk management. These frameworks reduce an organization's exposure to weaknesses ... Read More

The Importance of User Authentication Methods in CyberSecurity

Uday Mitra
Updated on 05-May-2023 10:23:42
If you ask any expert in cyber security, they will tell you that your system is only as safe as its weakest link. Nowadays, many employees have significant remote access to crucial systems, such as cloud application access, VPNs, and even ordinary office programs like email. Accessing these networks from anywhere globally makes it possible to work remotely. Employees from nearly every organization that can are now working from home as the worldwide COVID-19 virus spreads. Many cyber security teams have problems starting there. As more and more individuals take up remote jobs, security experts are finding themselves confronted with ... Read More

How AI and ML Are Impacting Cyber Security?

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 16:22:05
Cybersecurity professionals use every available technological edge when formulating a plan to counteract the persistent threats posed by hackers and other cybercriminals. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are two cutting-edge technologies that have completely altered the cyber security landscape. The majority of organizations (63%) use machine learning in some capacity, 82% report a financial return on their AI investment, and 88% want to boost AI expenditure this year, as per the Deloitte State of AI in the Enterprise Survey. As for the use of ML and AI in the business world of cyberspace, where exactly would you look ... Read More

Practical Tips for a Successful Cyber Security Career Today

Uday Mitra
Updated on 05-May-2023 10:23:01
Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing industry with more job openings than skilled workers. Between 2020 & 2030, the number of jobs in cybersecurity is expected to increase by 33%, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Due to the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 virus, this need has grown substantially. Put through many businesses unprecedented levels of cyber risk as COVID-19 spreads over the globe. Concerns have also been raised concerning ransomware assaults that use cloud resources as a weapon, further exposing networks. Therefore, if you have the necessary skills, you can apply for a new position that has ... Read More

What are the 3 Ws of ECSA Certification?

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 16:11:03
There is a lot to study if you want to become a complete security professional. Training in ethical hacking is a fantastic place to begin, but if you want to stand out to potential employers or are simply interested in improving your skills, you should check for ECSA certification. Even if you already have a job in cybersecurity, you should familiarize yourself with ECSA v10. An ECSA course dramatically increases your value to potential employers and knowledge base. What is ECSA? The ECSA certification program develops on the foundation of certifications such as the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). It's a ... Read More

White Hat Hacker: The What, Why, and How

Uday Mitra
Updated on 05-May-2023 10:21:42
An ancient saying states, "It takes a thief to catch a thief." Someone familiar with the thief's methods, frame of mind, and routines have the best chance of apprehending him. Theft on the Internet is the next big thing. This becomes a scary prospect when you think about how our data is gathered, processed, and kept online. When you factor in the recent uptick in mobile computing, you've got a severe problem. The most excellent way to counter Black Hat hackers is with a team of white hat hackers that focus on security rather than offense. Suppose you're interested in ... Read More