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Importance of Formal Information Security Education

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 15:15:29
Having the right people learn the right things and having metrics in place to ensure knowledge transfer has occurred are both crucial reasons why formal information security education (here understood to mean attending classes in person, participating in online training courses either live or via recordings, or self-learning via printed material) is essential. You are always tuned to this requirement. It's like going to a doctor who has only read books about medicine and never gone to medical school or having someone defend you in court who has only read books about the law but never gone to law school ... Read More

How to Detect and Manage Common DevSevOps Application Security Threats?

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 15:12:38
It's terrifying that applications can have security flaws. The likelihood of a highly publicized data breach can be reduced if mistakes are avoided during the application's development, testing, and release phases. Security in applications should never be an afterthought or a negotiating point while developing new features or improving performance. DevSecOps ensures that the vast majority of application vulnerabilities are discovered before the code is released to production by conducting vulnerability assessments early in the development cycle. In today's competitive business environment, DevOps is a must-have skill for even the largest companies. Thus, security experts have embraced DevOps principles and ... Read More

Steps to become a successful paid Ethical Hacker

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 15:04:06
In the history of the internet, network security has always been a problem. The field of ethical hacking has gained significant traction over the last few decades. While malevolent hackers want to gain access to systems for their gain, ethical hackers seek to keep those systems secure from harm. Ethical hacking involves breaking into a system on purpose to check its defenses or install various apps and safeguard it from cyberattacks. Most often, businesses will hire an ethical hacker to perform penetration testing. These hackers are highly skilled in computer security and play a crucial role in protecting the integrity ... Read More

Reassessing the Concepts of Security Risk Management

Uday Mitra
Updated on 24-May-2023 15:31:57
Application security refers to the precautions taken throughout an application's life cycle to protect against vulnerabilities that may arise due to flaws in the application's design, development, deployment, upgrade, or maintenance. These flaws can occur at any point in the application's life cycle, including design, development, deployment, upgrade, or maintenance. These precautions are designed to eliminate the possibility of exceptions occurring inside an application's security policy or the system behind it. Applications have no control over the kind of resources made available; they can only regulate how those resources are utilized. This is the only power they have. Since ... Read More

Types of Hackers

Uday Mitra
Updated on 05-May-2023 10:26:06
Hackers one should be aware of The moment we hear the word 'hacker, ' our imagination takes us to a dark room, the backside of a man wearing a black hoodie, surrounded by various computers, destroying someone's precious files. Still, there is more to what hackers are and what they are capable of. Hacking and hackers Hacking is obtaining unauthorized access to data, computers, and systems. Hackers use an IT system to gain unauthorized access to another method for the data or disable another person's system to obtain any data with and without the owner's permission. But one should ... Read More

Everything about Ransomware – Definition, Types, and Prevention

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 14:53:59
While the term "ethical hacker" may sound contradictory, there is a high need for skilled computer users who can assist businesses in identifying security holes, fortifying their networks, and preventing ransomware assaults. When ransomware attacks a computer, it encrypts the user's files so that the user can no longer access them without paying a ransom. The perpetrator then refuses to unlock the doors unless a ransom is paid. If they don't get paid, attackers often threaten to leak the information to the public after stealing a copy of it in advance. Network Security Breaches Hackers are still finding ways to ... Read More

Ethical Hacking - A boon to career growth

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 14:36:08
The topic of cyber security is rapidly developing, making it an exciting time to be a computer scientist. The Internet of Things (IoT) and smartphones have become information supercomputers in the digital world. The Cisco research predicts that by 2030, there will be 500 billion internet-connected devices. Furthermore, Cisco's Annual Visual Networking Index report forecasts that global IP traffic will climb from 122 exabytes per month in 2017 to 396 exabytes per month in 2022, representing an increase of more than 300 percent. More and more devices are getting online, making them susceptible to attacks from anywhere in the world. ... Read More

Best Roadmap for Ethical Hacking (Infographics)

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 14:31:26
A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), commonly called a "White Hat Hacker, " is a trained expert who identifies and repairs computer and network security flaws by employing the same techniques and tools used by hostile hackers. From the beginning of the internet, hackers have utilized their sophisticated tools to take advantage of whatever weak spot they might uncover in a system's defenses. On the other hand, security experts following the ethical hacking roadmap are the good guys trying to patch up IT systems before exploiting them. The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) credential from the EC Council is highly regarded and ... Read More

Opportunities for Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH)

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 14:24:49
A recent study conducted by KPMG found that even though 94% of businesses in all industries consider cybercrime to be their primary security concern, 72% of those same businesses have been the target of a cyberattack in the previous year, and 78% of those still don't have a cyber-incident response plan in place. According to Steve Langan, Chief Executive Officer of Hiscox Insurance, cybercrime "cost the global economy over $450 billion in 2016, more than two billion personal records were stolen, and in the United States alone, more than 100 million Americans had stolen their medical records ." Even Consumers WannaCry ... Read More

Ethical Hacking Roadmap - 5 Phases to Success

Uday Mitra
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 14:19:51
Security breaks do occur. It's a problem that every company has to solve today. Price Waterhouse Coopers' latest "The Global State of Information Security Survey 2018" reveals that security threats posed by emerging technologies like automated or robotic systems have the attention of corporate leaders. For instance, over 32% of the 9, 500 interviewed executives believe the quality of the product is vulnerable to damage, and 39% are worried about the loss or compromise of critical data. The value of a company's reputation is at stake, making cybersecurity more than "simply an IT issue." Elon Musk, CEO and founder of ... Read More
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