What is the Salary of an Ethical Hackers?

Today, in this era of advanced technologies, cybercrimes or cyber threats have impacted a lot on any company's data security or data protection. Hackers do unauthorized access to the data of computers and smartphones and intervene the data privacy. Many companies face severe data theft challenges worldwide, leading to substantial business losses.

To stop these malicious attacks, IT professionals are permitted to deal with this vulnerable task to protect the data of companies and individuals. Ethical Hackers are professionals with technical skills in detecting these malicious attacks and resolving the issues.

The prime responsibilities of ethical hackers are to define and categorize the system & network resources. The professionals will assign necessary importance to the above resources. Ethical hacking is authorized to access computers to detect malicious attacks on data. Ethical hacking is a process of replicating the approaches and activities of hackers. Here all can check the critical concept of ethical hacking.

  • Ethical is legal hacking. Here the hackers access the computer for security assessment after necessary permission.

  • Ethical hacking determines the hacker's scope of assessment so that the entire task remains legal.

  • The responsibilities of ethical hackers lead to determining the vulnerabilities and report about this assessment to the senior authority.

  • Every ethical hacker must also agree to a non-disclosure agreement regarding data sensitivity.

Types of ethical hacking

Whenever IT professionals want to flourish in a career in ethical hacking, they need to understand the types of ethical hacking in cyber security practices.

Black Box Testing

The first type of ethical hacking is black-box testing. As per this testing, the experts need to learn the server and the programing language used. Here the experts need to check the software from outside, and this hacking is one of the hazardous types of cyber security hacking.

It is the most effective way to check the flaws in the system in a network system that will get affected by unwanted hacking. This testing contains the user's login and account information.

White Box Testing

The next type of ethical hacking testing is white box testing. Here the ethical hackers possess the required knowledge about the system and how it works. Mainly the developers carry on a white box testing process, and here they will check how the system can bear the pressure before releasing them into production environments.

These professionals work closely with the IT specialists in a company. They will ensure that no one can hack the system of the employers.

Gray Box Testing

Gray Box testing combines white box and black box testing. Here ethical hackers need to gain more knowledge about the system. Here they use deductive reasoning skills to identify the vulnerabilities that will hack the system. The professionals carry on the services relating to the Usability, Performance, and Security tests.

This testing system will help an organization understand the type of application performed in the real world.

  • Hacking of web applications − Ethical hackers also possess the necessary knowledge in web application hacking. It is the process of identifying the vulnerabilities or flaws in a company's security system. Here the specialists hijack the browser meeting with due permission to access the browser.

  • Hacking of Wireless network − When an expert hacker legally hacks a wireless network, it is known as wireless hacking. Ethical hackers will exploit the weak points in the organization's data security.

Salary of Ethical hackers in different countries

Undoubtedly, the demand for ethical hackers has recently risen a lot. IT professionals always dream of getting the best-paid job in their field. And ethical hacking is one of the most preferred jobs for all IT security personnel. Companies in different countries offer varied salary packages for ethical hackers.

Salary in the USA − The average wage of Ethical hackers in the USA is $90K. The salary structure varies depending on the skills of the professionals as below −

Experts in IT Security & Infrastructure will get nearly $92k

A cyber security professional will get $92K

Professionals who engage in security policies and procedures earn $93k or more.

Professionals who work in security risk management earn almost $99k or more.

Salary in India − Ethical hackers in India also earn a good salary package. An IT professional earns nearly Rs 599K in a year. Professionals with IT security and infrastructure skills deserve more than Rs 6.80 lacs. A security risk manager can earn about Rs 8.43 lacs. A cyber security professional can earn Rs 7.18 lacs.

Salary in Canada − Ethical hackers can earn almost C$73k in Canada. Professionals who possess skills in IT security and Infrastructure can earn C$74,239. Professionals in risk management and control can make a good salary at C$85k. The personnel in security information can earn more than C$70k. Again, IT professionals engaged in Internal Audit can earn a salary of C$105399.

Salary in Australia − IT professionals engaged in ethical hacking jobs in Australia can earn AU$101K. A professional in IT, security, and Infrastructure can earn a wage of AU$108083. Professionals in Cyber security in Australia can make AU$103092 approx. The salary of a Security Risk Manager in Australia is almost AU$120000. Jobs in security policies and procedures can earn AU$ 109083.

Salary in Singapore − IT professionals can have tremendous opportunities in Singapore, and an ethical hacker can earn up to S$67K. A professional engaged in IT security & Infrastructure can earn S$74747. Professionals in security testing and auditing can earn almost S$63600. A security intrusion detection specialist can earn almost nearly S$93500.

Salary in UAE − If you want to join as a security professional or ethical hacker in UAE, you can earn nearly AED 177K. Professionals who participate in cyber security testing and auditing can earn AED 212249. Every security risk manager in UAE can reach AED 212249. Professionals who work in security policy and procedure can make AED 216000.

Updated on: 26-Dec-2022


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