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Engage a team of people and improve a blog post

Samual Sam
Updated on 09-May-2022 13:26:26
A success key of any business or organization is “a team of people”, unity and hard work of them boosts the business and organizations.Similarly, if a blog is a vital part of your business – A team of people play an important role over there. They are answerable for the strategy, content creation, execution, and complete victory of that blog.For a blog post; in a team of people only one or two people involves. Those one or two people partially work for that particular blog post. For every single project, single blog is there that has been managed by those ... Read More

How open source companies get profit

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Oct-2019 05:53:20
It is very much true, open source technologies are widely acquired by many companies and individuals, you can get it everywhere; in your phone, your laptop, tablet and in most of the websites. Many companies develop open source free software applications, plugins many other things for business, but how do they get profit from their free products?Usually, Red Hat, a global leader of open source software solution generates revenue more than $1-2 billion by offering free products. They packages and delivers Red Hat Enterprise Linux (open source operating system) to enterprises with 10 years of support facilities, their engineers track ... Read More

Install wordpress on localhost with xampp server

Samual Sam
Updated on 21-Oct-2019 11:03:23
WordPress is a free content management system (CMS) and well-known across the globe. It is an open source CMS based on MySQL and PHP. Beginners generally begin with WordPress on localhost. Here’s how we start with WordPress on localhost using XAMPP.TerminologyContent Management System (CMS) − A CMS has a central interface that is used to publish, edit, modify, and maintain content. Some well know CMS include, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.WordPress− It is an open source content management system founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. It was initially released in the year 2003 and its current version is WordPress 4.4.Xampp− ... Read More

Switch your blog from blogger to wordpress

Lakshmi Srinivas
Updated on 12-May-2022 08:18:59
Numerous bloggers start their careers as bloggers with an aim that they must choose a platform and then they migrate to another platform later if required. Often this process involves moving from free hosting to a self hosted site. Those who are established bloggers usually wish to have more control over their websites.Blogger is one of the most popular platform for beginners since anyone can use it without hassle. But it has drawbacks as it lacks customization features. Even though, migration seems to be an easy process from Blogger account to WordPress, three major aspects still remain the same – ... Read More

How to add a Favicon to Your WordPress Site?

George John
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:21
A favicon is a little icon visible on the web browser tab, just before the page title. It is generally a logo with the smaller size. You need to include a Site Icon in WordPress to add a favicon to your WordPress site. Login to your WordPress website and from the left menu; click Appearance, and then Customize − After that, you will reach the Theme Customization section. Under that, the first sub-section is Site Identity. From there, you need to go to the Site Icon and upload the icon. The size here is 512x512, from which the ... Read More

How do we connect SAP Business One with Ubercart?

Sai Subramanyam
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:22
This can be done using SAP DI server as it is using XML based format for importing data and more suitable for external data exchange. You can refer to below documentation for more details on SAP BI DI Server. The DI Server enables business partners to develop SOAP-based solutions to read, write, update, and remove data objects on the database level. It provides a suitable infrastructure for server-oriented partner solutions. SAP Business One Web Services wrapper (B1WS) exposes the DI Server functionality as Web Services to provide a better usability. Developers only need to add the web references to ... Read More