Found 12 Articles for Facebook Marketing

The Birth and Growth Trajectory of Facebook

Akshaya Daga
Updated on 02-Aug-2023 16:17:17


Introduction Social media offers numerous platforms to people through which they can connect with other human beings, post their ideas and ways of life, and also use the application to connect with people to buy or sell products and services. One of them is the popular and everyone’s favorite Facebook. Facebook has revolutionized the digital world. Having a presence on social media is a necessity in today's world; however, it important at the same time to understand the success stories of these social media brands. Facebook has been on the market for only two decades, but the power it ... Read More

How Should We Be Using Facebook for Marketing?

Priyanka Mangane
Updated on 26-Apr-2023 16:02:08


In the modern world, no business can sustain itself without social media, and when it comes to social media, you can't ignore Facebook. It is the leading platform for digital media marketing, and no platform can beat Facebook in this context. The reason behind this is very simple:  Facebook is the oldest social media platform with the highest number of active users. Yes, it has billions of active users, which is enough for the growth of any business. Marketing is Facebook is simple and highly effective, so if you are wondering how we should be using Facebook for marketing, ... Read More

Which is More Useful for Online Marketing, Instagram or Facebook?

Akshaya Daga
Updated on 06-Apr-2023 14:28:49


Companies today are shifting gears. From the traditional marketing channels, they are shifting towards digital marketing channels. Companies are shifting to the online world because of the following reasons − Availability of consumers in the online world Today consumers are spending more than 9 hours in front of a screen, and hence the time that they used to devote to traditional channels like newspapers and magazines has drastically reduced. Companies have to be where the consumers are. Digital Marketing helps the company in reaching to a wider set of the target audience. Now they have expanded their sales operation ... Read More

Share Powerpoint Presentation through Facebook

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 14-Jul-2020 05:58:47

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Using Microsoft’s PowerPoint software, people create new presentation for marketing, office, or college purpose, there are number of ways to share those presentations with others. Although, people can use these presentation as a slideshow for next business meeting, and collage guy or office people can use it to present their project at college or office. People can significantly increase number of eyes to see it by sharing it on a social media site such as Facebook. Using social media site Facebook, people can share slideshows, digital resumes and other PowerPoint presentations. This is quite simple to achieve by first converting ... Read More

Facebook Marketing Strategy 2020 You Should Implement for Your Business

Samual Sam
Updated on 19-Nov-2019 12:12:56


Facebook’s power as a marketing platform to draw online customers can be inferred from the following statistics −The social media giant has 2.32 billion users across the globe.As of today, 60 million businesses are existing on this social media platform.39% of customers follow a company’s Facebook page to view their offers and discounts.That is the reason many B2C businesses focus dedicatedly on Facebook marketing to strengthen and expand their businesses.It is no wonder that creating a Facebook page for a business is very important for its existence because this is an excellent way to take business closer to the heart ... Read More

Facebook is a great platform for charity fund

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Oct-2019 10:57:32


Social networking channels like; Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are important advertising tools or platform, best for entertainment, advertisement, charity as well as business. Facebook thinks one step further in all aspect as compare to any other networking site and facilitates great Facebook’s fans to donate through donation button. Donation button is an application secures the donation money and sends it to the correct charity funds at the end of the month. To set up or get a donation button, user should be having a recognized charity name and a Facebook fan page, both. This article will facilitate Facebook fans to ... Read More

How facebook page is helpful for business

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Oct-2019 10:52:57


If someone is running a small business or company and added all company information at Facebook. The information provided through Facebook is interacting every day millions of people, millions of people go through his/her Facebook page to know the company owner better or his/her company’s product and services better, people can also share their own thoughts or suggestion on Facebook. Using Facebook, users can add and upload various stuffs like; build a custom page, run contests and promotions, and manage a small e-commerce shop that are not possible to do with any website. Additionally, it is free. Including all above ... Read More

Now call facebook stream to google plus

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Oct-2019 10:50:09


There are various successful social networking sites but no one can compare to Facebook and Google. Right now, nobody is there in this world that does not use Facebook and Google+ to increase their social network for business, entertainment, marketing, etc. Future of Facebook and Google+ is very bright with increasing number of fans and it will never go down in the market.The combination of “Facebook and Google+” is very useful for those fans who really want to see these two apps into one place, for fast access. To use this app, first install it then user can update their ... Read More

Get the old classic chat interface back in facebook

Samual Sam
Updated on 07-Jul-2020 09:04:01


Current Facebook page has introduced new chat sidebar and video chat feature. This chat sidebar is placed at the right-side of the Facebook pages. Friends with whom you chat always displays at the chat sidebar, by default.Facebook has also introduced the sidebar ticker for a small period of time. You can also disable Facebook sidebar Ticker. Like this; Facebook always come up with new and changed features, but it does not mean Facebook lover will like those new and changed features. That’s why, we still have an option to revert back to the old Facebook design and this article will ... Read More

Increase your website business with facebook plugins

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Oct-2019 07:32:14


It is very simple and easy to include Facebook social networking site into your website without any cost with inclusion of free plugins. This is very beneficial in terms of business.Facebook aim is to spread socially towards entire networks and websites with the help of its awesome features and plugins that are free for users.Addition of Facebook plugins into the website is totally depends of website owner need to decide which Facebook features, tools, and plugins need to take and how greatest to use the available tools for their businesses.In this post, we are going to explain you how to ... Read More