Now call facebook stream to google plus

There are various successful social networking sites but no one can compare to Facebook and Google. Right now, nobody is there in this world that does not use Facebook and Google+ to increase their social network for business, entertainment, marketing, etc. Future of Facebook and Google+ is very bright with increasing number of fans and it will never go down in the market.

The combination of “Facebook and Google+” is very useful for those fans who really want to see these two apps into one place, for fast access. To use this app, first install it then user can update their status directly from Google+ interface or from Facebook interface, means; Facebook also provides Google+ as a new feature. Google+ and Facebook permit users to see their Facebook stream inside Google+, for that; just login to Facebook account, and catch all updates on the Google+ Facebook tab. This interesting app is developed by Crossrider. To use this app, your Facebook account should be public with full access permission..

Important note

The “Facebook and Google+” app currently works on Chrome and Firefox browser, only. Due to some security issue this app does not support IE.

How to achieve this app

First step

Go to the site “” then download and install the app using green color button named as “Get Social Anywhere.

Second Step

Open your Facebook account using Username and Password.

Third step

Once Facebook account gets open, update the Google+ account from Facebook or directly from Google+.


Google and Facebook both are very strong social networking site and the combination of both making it stronger than the single Google and Facebook. Facilitates users to see their Facebook stream inside Google+.

Updated on: 23-Oct-2019


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