Facebook Marketing Strategy 2020 You Should Implement for Your Business

Facebook’s power as a marketing platform to draw online customers can be inferred from the following statistics −

  • The social media giant has 2.32 billion users across the globe.

  • As of today, 60 million businesses are existing on this social media platform.

  • 39% of customers follow a company’s Facebook page to view their offers and discounts.

That is the reason many B2C businesses focus dedicatedly on Facebook marketing to strengthen and expand their businesses.

It is no wonder that creating a Facebook page for a business is very important for its existence because this is an excellent way to take business closer to the heart of customers through the following ways −

  • Inform them of new blog posts or product launches as updates on the Facebook page.

  • Interact with customers through fun and engaging videos about your products.

  • Share pics and stories related to your products and take their feedback or opinion through the comments section.

  • Inform them of new launches, offers, and discounts and drive the message in promptly.

Now that as an e-commerce owner you know why you should have a Facebook page, let us take a quick look at the 5-step Facebook marketing strategy that really works for your business.

  • Plan for SMART goals
  • Identify your target audience
  • Let your content steal the hearts
  • Implement carefully
  • Scrutinize the metrics

To understand better, let us dive deep into each step and make a comprehensive discussion about each one so that you gain a clear picture of how your Facebook marketing strategy should be.

Plan for SMART goals

Your online business growth through Facebook should be based on a SMART goal - a goal that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. For example, check the following goals −

  • You want your blog to have 5000 hits in one month.

  • Your business’s Facebook page should get 25k likes in 2 months.

  • You want 40 leads by the end of the 2 weeks, with each leads less than $20.

All these goals are smart – they are time-bound, realistic and achievable. Remember that the goals you set should not stress you out at the end.

Identify your target audience

Any business is often oriented towards a group of customers and meets their needs. Identify what your group is and focus on reaching out to them. The plan targeted ads, discounts and offers that meet their needs, and take care that your targeted audience knows your brand and are on your Facebook page. Send them regular emails about promotional offers and take their opinions and feedback through polls. Make them feel that you are caring for their voices.

Let your content steal the show

Content plays a huge role in driving the point straight into your customers’ hearts. Frame engaging textual ads, make gripping videos and send one-liners that work wonders in driving people to think about buying your product. Never underestimate the power of content. Care the content and let it work its charm!

Implement strategically

Now your business has a Facebook page and you have set a goal and identified whom to reach too. The next step should be a careful implementation of your strategy.

  • Stay in touch with repeat customers through regular messages, emails and push notifications. A customer neglected is a customer lost.

  • Drive your Facebook audience perfectly towards your intended destination. Arrange backlinks, URLs properly to make sure that the customer hits the right product as intended when he clicks your Facebook notification.

  • The like button of your Facebook page should be such that it should drive your customer crazy. For example, you can say, “Click Like to learn how to attract thousands of customers in one month.”

Scrutinize the metrics

Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and other such tools let you track how effective your Facebook campaign is going on. You can make comprehensive reports using them and analyze whether your Facebook marketing strategy is happening as intended.

One important thing you have to remember is that you have to make a periodic check whether your Facebook marketing strategy is giving results as intended in terms of – the number of likes, a number of leads, followers increase, return on investments and growth in business. Or else, change your strategy, rinse and repeat!

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Updated on: 19-Nov-2019


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