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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - How to pass the data between activities in Android?

A - Intent

B - Content Provider

C - Broadcast receiver

D - None of the Above

Answer : A


An Intent is used to connect one activity to another activity and having a message passing mechanism between activities.

Answer : C


Manifest.xml is having information about application as number components in your application,Activity information,service information, and icon about an application

Each application has at least one Manifest file. Without manifest file we can't generate the APK file.

Answer : A


Services work in the background without any UI and it updates UI by using thread. By default, every service is having a main thread.

Q 4 - How to store heavy structured data in android?

A - Shared Preferences

B - Cursor

C - SQlite database

D - Not possible

Answer : C


We can store structured data in SQlite database only. SQlite database is very efficient and faster to read and store the data.

Answer : D


Application class is the base class for any android application.

Q 6 - What are the debugging techniques available in android?


B - Breaking point

C - Memory profiling

D - None of the above.

E - None of the above.

Answer : D

DDMS, Breaking Point and Memory profiling are the three debugging techniques available in Android. Based on requirement, we can use debugging techniques, each technique is having different capabilities to debug.

Q 7 - What is the package name of HTTP client in android?

A - com.json

B - org.apache.http.client

C -

D - org.json

Answer : B

org.apache.http.client is the package name of HTTP client.

Answer : D

Json elements are Number, string, boolean, null, array, and object

Answer : C

Using with Javac, we can compile Java files

Use dx tool to convert all Java class files to single dex file

Use AAPT tool to create apk file

Sign the apk file by using jar signer

Zipalign of signed apk

Q 10 - What are the main components in android?

A - Activity

B - Services

C - Broadcast Receiver

D - Content provider

Answer : A,B,C and D

The main components in android are Activity, services, Broadcast Receiver and content providers.