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Questions and Answers

Answer : A


Activity is a single screen in an application, Activity performs the actions on the screen(UI)

Answer : A


Service life cycle is as onCreate()−>onStartCommand()−>onDestory().

Answer : A


It is a main component of android. It reacts on the system broadcast announcements, and it acts as a gateway between outside application environment with your application.

Q 4 - How to store heavy structured data in android?

A - Shared Preferences

B - Cursor

C - SQlite database

D - Not possible

Answer : C


We can store structured data in SQlite database only. SQlite database is very efficient and faster to read and store the data.

Answer : E


When CPU is on mode, PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK will be active.

When CPU + bright Screen low is on mode, SCREEN_DIM_WAKE_LOCK will be active.

When CPU + bright Screen High is on mode,SCREEN_BRIGHT_WAKE_LOCK will be active.

When CPU, Screen, bright Screen High is on mode, FULL_WAKE_LOCK will be active.

Q 6 - What are the debugging techniques available in android?


B - Breaking point

C - Memory profiling

D - None of the above.

E - None of the above.

Answer : D

DDMS, Breaking Point and Memory profiling are the three debugging techniques available in Android. Based on requirement, we can use debugging techniques, each technique is having different capabilities to debug.

Q 7 - What does httpclient.execute() returns in android?

A - Http entity

B - Http response

C - Http result

D - None of the above.

Answer : B

Httpclient.execute() executes only once and it will return http response from the server or device, Http entity is embedded the body of the Http response.

Answer : A

Using with google could messaging, we can push the data from the servers to client devices. In short, we can send messages to mobile devices through the cloud(Push Notification).

Answer : D

Transient data is logical data and we can store application logic in it.

Q 10 - What are the main components in android?

A - Activity

B - Services

C - Broadcast Receiver

D - Content provider

Answer : A,B,C and D

The main components in android are Activity, services, Broadcast Receiver and content providers.