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Questions and Answers

Answer : A


Activity is a single screen in an application, Activity performs the actions on the screen(UI)

Answer : D


We have to call startFordgroud(int id,Notification notification) to make services as foreground services. When it comes to foreground, it will show a notification.

Q 3 -What are the return values of onStartCommand() in android services?




D - All of the above

E - None of the above

Answer : D


START_STICKY − If android stops services forcefully, using with START_STICKY, it can be restarted automatically without the user interaction.

START_NOT_STICKY − If android stops services forcefully, it will not restart services till user start services.

START_REDELIVER_INTENT − If android stops services forcefully, it will restart services by re-sending an intent.

Answer : D


The getContext() method is used in onCreate() method and getApplicationContext() can be used anywhere in an application.

Answer : E


We can store persist data in android in shared preferences, internal/external storage, SQlite, and Network servers.

Answer : A

Base Adapter is a common class for any adapter. We can use a base adapter for both listView and spinner. It has some methods as shown below


Answer : A

Http request has get and post methods and it returns the response from the servers.

Q 8 - What is the HTTP response error code status in android?

A - status code < 100

B - status code > 100

C - status >= 400

D - None of the above

Answer : C

HTTP status code >= 400 means error else success. Status code 404 means page not found

Answer : A

It is not mandatory, the program will work perfectly without fail, but the programmer has to implement the life cycle of activity.

Q 10 - What are the main components in android?

A - Activity

B - Services

C - Broadcast Receiver

D - Content provider

Answer : A,B,C and D

The main components in android are Activity, services, Broadcast Receiver and content providers.