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Questions and Answers

Answer : D


Due to low memory problem. your application will close before reaching onStop()

Answer : C


Manifest.xml is having information about application as number components in your application,Activity information,service information, and icon about an application

Each application has at least one Manifest file. Without manifest file we can't generate the APK file.

Answer : D


We can stop the services by stopSelf() and stopService(), in some cases android will kill the services due to the low memory problem.

Q 4 - How many applications are there in a given task in android?

A - Two

B - One

C - Many

D - Zero

Answer : C


The task is a collaboration of applications. It contains one or more applications in it

Answer : B


Anonymous class doesn't have class name but has some functionalities in it.

Q 6 - What are the debugging techniques available in android?


B - Breaking point

C - Memory profiling

D - None of the above.

E - None of the above.

Answer : D

DDMS, Breaking Point and Memory profiling are the three debugging techniques available in Android. Based on requirement, we can use debugging techniques, each technique is having different capabilities to debug.

Q 7 - What is the package name of HTTP client in android?

A - com.json

B - org.apache.http.client

C -

D - org.json

Answer : B

org.apache.http.client is the package name of HTTP client.

Q 8 - How many orientations does android support?

A - 4

B - 10

C - 2

D - None of the above

Answer : A

According to the Google documentation, Android supports 4 types of orientations, those are landscape, portrait, sensor and No orientation

Q 9 -What are return types of startActivityForResult() in android?




D - A & B

E - B & C

Answer : D

strartActivityforResult() returns RESULT_OK and RESULT_CANCEL.

Answer : B

Class can be immutable.