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Questions and Answers

Answer : C


finish() − It is used to close the activity.

finish(int requestCode) − It is used to close the activity with requestCode.

Q 2 - WHich of the following is/are are the subclasses in Android?

A - Action Bar Activity

B - Launcher Activity

C - Preference Activity

D - Tab Activity

E - All of above

Answer : E


Action bar,Launcher, Preference and Tab activities are subclasses of activities in android

Q 3 - On which thread broadcast receivers will work in android?

A - Worker Thread

B - Main Thread

C - Activity Thread

D - None of the Above

Answer : B


Broadcast Receiver by default runs on Main Thread only.

Q 4 - What is the time limit of broadcast receiver in android?

A - 10 sec

B - 15 sec

C - 5 sec

D - 1 hour

Answer : A


Broadcast receiver has to do operation within 10 sec or else ANR will occur

Answer : C


GPRS and Location provider is used to fetch the current location of a phone as longitude and latitude.

Q 6 - What are the debugging techniques available in android?


B - Breaking point

C - Memory profiling

D - None of the above.

E - None of the above.

Answer : D

DDMS, Breaking Point and Memory profiling are the three debugging techniques available in Android. Based on requirement, we can use debugging techniques, each technique is having different capabilities to debug.

Answer : B

Using with log cat, we can find the exception, which has occurred along with the line number. Using of line number, we can find the errors.

Q 8 - What is the HTTP response error code status in android?

A - status code < 100

B - status code > 100

C - status >= 400

D - None of the above

Answer : C

HTTP status code >= 400 means error else success. Status code 404 means page not found

Q 9 - What is ANR responding time in android?

A - 10 sec

B - 5 sec

C - 1 min

D - None of the above

Answer : B

ANR responding time is 5 sec. If an application is not responding within 5 sec, ANR will occur

Answer : B

Anchor View provides the information on respective relative positions of views.