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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Is it possible to have an activity without UI to perform action/actions?

A - Not possible

B - Wrong question

C - Yes, it is possible

D - None of the above

Answer : C


Generally, every activity is having its UI(Layout). But if a developer wants to create an activity without UI, he can do it.

Q 2 - WHich of the following is/are are the subclasses in Android?

A - Action Bar Activity

B - Launcher Activity

C - Preference Activity

D - Tab Activity

E - All of above

Answer : E


Action bar,Launcher, Preference and Tab activities are subclasses of activities in android

Q 3 - How many threads are there in asyncTask in android?

A - Only one

B- Two

C - AsyncTask doesn't have tread

D - None of the Above

Answer : A


In Android 3.0, It is having multi threads, but now it is having only one thread.

Q 4 - How many applications are there in a given task in android?

A - Two

B - One

C - Many

D - Zero

Answer : C


The task is a collaboration of applications. It contains one or more applications in it

Q 5 - Which features are considered while creating android application?

A - Screen Size

B - Input configuration

C - Platform Version

D - Device features

E - All of above

Answer : E


Before creating an application, developers should consider screen size, input configuration, version, and device features

Q 6 - WHich method is used to find GPS enabled or disabled pro-grammatically in android?

A - finish()

B - getGPSStatus()

C - onProviderDisable()

D - getGPS().

Answer : C

The onProviderDisable() method is used to find whether GPS is enabled or disabled in android pro-grammatically

Q 7 - What is the package name of HTTP client in android?

A - com.json

B - org.apache.http.client

C -

D - org.json

Answer : B

org.apache.http.client is the package name of HTTP client.

Q 8 - What is the HTTP response error code status in android?

A - status code < 100

B - status code > 100

C - status >= 400

D - None of the above

Answer : C

HTTP status code >= 400 means error else success. Status code 404 means page not found

Answer : C

Using with Javac, we can compile Java files

Use dx tool to convert all Java class files to single dex file

Use AAPT tool to create apk file

Sign the apk file by using jar signer

Zipalign of signed apk

Answer : D

Set can't contain duplicate values. Examples of set are hashset,treeset and linked hash set

The list contains duplicate values. Example of list is linked list and array list