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Questions and Answers

Answer : A


Android is a stack of software applications for mobile devices, which includes an operating system, middleware applications, and some key applications. It executes within own process and own instance of Dalvik Virtual Machine. DVM executes byte code and later transforms into .dex format files.

Answer : C


X-large screens are having at least 960dp*720dp resolutions

Large screens are having at least 640dp*480dp resolutions

Normal screens are having at least 470dp*320dp resolutions

Small screens are having at least 426dp*320dp resolutions

Answer : A


Services work in the background without any UI and it updates UI by using thread. By default, every service is having a main thread.

Answer : C


Content provider is used to share the data between applications

Q 5 -Which permissions are required to get a location in android?


B - GPRS permission

C - Internet permission

D - WIFI permission.

Answer : A


To get a location of a phone, ACCESS_FINE and ACCESS_COARSE permission in manifest file are required. Without these permissions, we can't get the location of a mobile.

Q 6 - WHich method is used to find GPS enabled or disabled pro-grammatically in android?

A - finish()

B - getGPSStatus()

C - onProviderDisable()

D - getGPS().

Answer : C

The onProviderDisable() method is used to find whether GPS is enabled or disabled in android pro-grammatically

Q 7 - What does httpclient.execute() returns in android?

A - Http entity

B - Http response

C - Http result

D - None of the above.

Answer : B

Httpclient.execute() executes only once and it will return http response from the server or device, Http entity is embedded the body of the Http response.

Answer : A

Json exception can be thrown while parsing JSON response from the server.

Answer : C

Using with Javac, we can compile Java files

Use dx tool to convert all Java class files to single dex file

Use AAPT tool to create apk file

Sign the apk file by using jar signer

Zipalign of signed apk

Answer : D

Set can't contain duplicate values. Examples of set are hashset,treeset and linked hash set

The list contains duplicate values. Example of list is linked list and array list


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