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Add currency symbols in Excel

Excel provides a variety of options for users who wish to insert symbols into their work. Utilizing the keyboard and the buttons on the Ribbon, creating a formula, and formatting cells are some examples of these. Due to the fact that different currencies have different values, it is often absolutely necessary to label values with their respective currencies.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about different methods to add currency symbols in excel.

Using Format Cells

You will need to format the numbers so that they are compatible with currency if you wish to display them as monetary values. To accomplish this, you must first choose the cells that you intend to format, and then apply either the Currency or Accounting number format.

Let’s go through an example to add currency with numbers step by step. Follow the below given steps.

Step 1 

With the help of the Format Cells feature, you can include currency symbols in your spreadsheet cells in one of two ways. That are currency formats or accounting formats.

First let’s see how to add currency symbol applying currency format.

In our example we have some name of the employees and their salary in our excel sheet. See the below given image.

Let’s suppose we want to add currency symbol in it.

Step 2 

Then select the cells in which you want to add the currency symbol. In our case we have selected B2 to B10. Then right click and click on Format cells option from the list. Or you can also press Ctrl+1 open the Format Cells window.

Step 3 

Then from the Format Cells windows, go to Currency from the category, then select ₹ Symbol from the drop-down list which comes on clicking Symbol. You can keep decimal places of the amount as per your requirement. In our example we have kept it 0. After selecting the symbol, click on OK.

After adding the rupees symbol, our Excel sheet will look like the image shown below.

Add Currency Symbol Applying Accounts Format

Step 1 

Select the cells in which you want to add the currency symbol. In our case we have selected B2 to B10. Then Click on the right lower corner of the Number ribbon located in Home tab to open Format Cells window.

Step 2 

Go to Accounts in the Format Cells window's category list, then choose Symbol from the drop-down menu that appears when you click Symbol. You can keep as many or as few decimal places as you want. In our case, we kept it at 0. Once you've chosen the symbol, click OK.

After adding the rupees symbol, our excel sheet will look like the image given below.


In this tutorial, you learnt how to add currency using accounts format and currency format. You can use one of the methods as per your requirement.