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Excel Filter: How to Add, Use and Remove filter in Excel

Using the Excel Filter command, you may filter the data in a range or table so that only the data you require is displayed and the rest of the data is hidden. You can easily filter numbers, texts, or dates by using the built-in operators that it provides. For example, you can filter all numbers that are greater than or equal to a specific number; filter text that begins, ends, or contains a specific character or word; or only show rows where the due date is before or after a specific date. After you have filtered the data in a range or table, if the data subsequently changes, you have the option to either reapply the filter in order to obtain the new data or remove the filter in order to display all of the data.

Add filter in excel

Step 1

Your data set has to have a header row that lists the column names in order for Excel AutoFilter to function properly. An example of such a row can be seen in the following screenshot.

Step 2

Select the cells to which you wish to apply a filter, and then Select Data and click Filter button. As shown in below screenshot.

Shortcut of excel filter

To change the filters, add or remove, use the Excel Filter keyboard shortcut − Ctrl+Shift+L

Step 3

When you apply any of the procedures described above, you will notice that drop down arrows are added to the column headers of the cells that you have selected. Refer to the below screenshot.

Use filter in excel

Step 1

If you only want to use the filter on one column, you can do something like filter the data in column B, as shown in the screenshot below. Please go to that column and do the next thing.

Step 2

Choose an operation from the built-in comparisons. Or, you can uncheck the Select All box to deselect all the data and then only check the boxes next to the data you want to show.

Step 3

To start filtering, click the OK button. Now, the filter is now applied to column B. The data you chose is displayed, while the rest is hidden. As shown in the below screenshot.

Step 4

After applying the filter, the drop-down arrow changes to a filter icon. Refer to the below screenshot.

Step 5

When you drag your mouse over the filter icon, the filter criteria you have chosen will be presented as a screen tip, as shown in the screenshot below. So, if you forget what criteria you set for a filter, simply hover the cursor over the filter symbol.

Remove filter in excel

To remove all filters and display all rows, select data then click Filter from the Ribbon or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + L.


In this article, we learnt how to add, use and remove filter in excel.