SWING - Menu Classes


As we know that every top-level window has a menu bar associated with it. This menu bar consist of various menu choices available to the end user. Further each choice contains list of options which is called drop down menus. Menu and MenuItem controls are subclass of MenuComponent class.

Menu Hiearchy

Swing Menu Hiearchy

Menu Controls

Sr. No. Control & Description
1 JMenuBar

The JMenuBar object is associated with the top-level window.

2 JMenuItem

The items in the menu must belong to the JMenuItem or any of its subclass.

3 JMenu

The JMenu object is a pull-down menu component which is displayed from the menu bar.

4 JCheckboxMenuItem

JCheckboxMenuItem is subclass of JMenuItem.

5 JRadioButtonMenuItem

JRadioButtonMenuItem is subclass of JMenuItem.

6 JPopupMenu

JPopupMenu can be dynamically popped up at a specified position within a component.