SAP ABAP - Search Help

Search Help, another repository object of ABAP Dictionary, is used to display all the possible values for a field in the form of a list. This list is also known as a hit list. You can select the values that are to be entered in the fields from this hit list instead of manually entering the value, which is tedious and error prone.

Creating Search Help

Step 1 − Go to transaction SE11. Select the radio button for Search help. Enter the name of the search help to be created. Let's enter the name ZSRCH1. Click on the Create button.

Step 2 − The system will prompt for the search help type to be created. Select the Elementary search help, which is default. The screen to create elementary search help as shown in the following screenshot appears.

Step 3 − In the selection method, we need to indicate whether our source of data is a table or a view. In our case it happens to be a table. The table is ZCUSTOMERS1. It is selected from a selection list.

Step 4 − After the selection method is entered, the next field is the Dialog type. This controls the appearance of the restrictive dialog box. There is a drop-down list with three options. Let's select the option 'Display values immediately'.

Search Help Demo

Step 5 − Next is the parameter area. For each Search help parameter or field, these column fields have to be entered as per the requirements.

Search Help Parameter

Step 6 − Perform a consistency check and activate the search help. Press F8 to execute. The 'Test Search Help ZSRCH1' screen appears as shown in the following screenshot.

Test Search Help

Step 7 − Let's enter the number 100004 in the CUSTOMER's 'Ready for inp' screen field. Press Enter.

Restrict Value Change

The customer number, 100004, and the name ‘STEPHEN’ is displayed.