QTP - Environment Set Up


QTP Installation:

QTP is a commercial tool and trial version can be downloaded from HP site directly. Only the current version which is Unified functional testing(11.5x) is available for download. Below is the URL from where the trial version can be downloaded.

The Download URL : http://www8.hp.com/us/en/software-solutions/functional-testing.html

Installation Procedure :

Step 1 - Click "Trials and Demos" link and select "Hp Unified Functional Testing 11.50 CC English SW E-Media Evaluation" as shown below:

Download and Install - Step 1

Step 2 - Upon Selecting "Hp Unified Functional Testing 11.50", the download wizard opens. Fill in the Personal details and click next

Download and Install - Step 2

Step 3 - Read the terms of use and click "NEXT".

Download and Install - Step 3

Step 4 - Download window opens. Now, click on "Download" Button.

Download and Install - Step 4

Step 5 - The downloaded file will be of the format .RAR. Now you need to unzip the archive and the folder contents would be as shown below and execute the Setup.exe.

Download and Install - Step 5

Step 6 - Upon Executing the Setup File, inorder to install, select "Unified Functional Testing Set up" from the list as shown below:

Download and Install - Step 6

Step 7 - Then Click Next to Continue.

Download and Install - Step 7

Step 8 - In the Custom Set up Window, select the plugins that are required for your automation. i.e. You Should select the plugins based on the technology of your application under test. For Example, If your application is based on .NET then you should ensure that you select .NET.

Download and Install - Step 8

Step 9 - Upon Selecting the required plugins for Installation, Click Next and upon completion of the installation you will end up with a Finish button Window.

Download and Install - Step 10

Step 10 - Once you complete your installation, the "Additional Installation Requirements" Dialog box opens. Select everything in the list other than "Run License Installation Wizard" and click "RUN". We Need NOT select "Run License Installation Wizard" because we are installing the trial version which by default gives a license for 30 days.

Download and Install - Step 11

Step 11 - Upon completion of Additional Installation Requirements, a tick mark is shown which inturn states that the components are installed successfully. Now, click close:

Download and Install - Step 12

Launching UFT and Addins Page:

Step 1 - After Installation, application can be launched from the Start Menu as shown in the figure.

Download and Install - Step 13

Step 2 - The License page appears. You can click on continue as we have installed the trial license

Download and Install - Step 14

Step 3 - The Addins Dialog box opens for the user to select the required addins' DONOT load all the addin's but just the required addins and click "Ok" button

Download and Install - Step 14

Step 4 - Upon loading the required addins the UFT 11.5 tool opens for the user and the first glimpse of the UFT looks as shown below:

Download and Install - Step 16