QTP - Call to New Action


Inserting Call to New Action

Testers can insert a new action at any point of the script by performing the following steps −

Step 1 − Right click on the scripting area and select "Call to New Action".

Inserting Call to New Action Step 1

Step 2 − In the "Insert Call to New Action" Window, give the test name, description, and also specify if it is a reusable action or not. Most importantly, select the location of the action to be inserted.

Inserting Call to New Action Step 2

Step 3 − You can check the changes, graphically, in the test Name Tab as shown below −

Inserting Call to New Action Step 3

You can also use QTP commands to call the Action at any point in the script.

RunAction "Calculate", oneIteration  'Executes  Calculate Action for one iteration.

Action can be called with Parameters as shown below −

'Input to the action 
num1 = 5 
num2 = 10 
Dim value1 

'Run the action with parameters 
OutputValue = RunAction("Calculate", oneIteration, num1, num2, value1)  

'Display the output 
print OutputValue