Google Charts - TreeMap Chart

TreeMap is a visual representation of a data tree, where each node may have zero or more children, and one parent (except for the root). Each node is displayed as a rectangle, can be sized and colored according to values that we assign. Sizes and colors are valued relative to all other nodes in the graph. Following is an example of a treemap chart. We've already seen the configuration used to draw this chart in Google Charts Configuration Syntax chapter. So, let's see the complete example.


We've used TreeMap class to show treemap diagram.

//TreeMap chart
var chart = new google.visualization.TreeMap(document.getElementById('container'));



      <title>Google Charts Tutorial</title>
      <script type = "text/javascript" src = "">
      <script type = "text/javascript" src = "">
      <script type = "text/javascript">
         google.charts.load('current', {packages: ['treemap']});     
      <div id = "container" style = "width: 550px; height: 400px; margin: 0 auto">
      <script language = "JavaScript">
         function drawChart() {
            // Define the chart to be drawn.
            var data = new google.visualization.DataTable();
            var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([
               ['Location', 'Parent', 'Market trade volume (size)', 'Market increase/decrease (color)'],
               ['Global',    null,                 0,                               0],
               ['America',   'Global',             0,                               0],
               ['Europe',    'Global',             0,                               0],
               ['Asia',      'Global',             0,                               0],
               ['Australia', 'Global',             0,                               0],
               ['Africa',    'Global',             0,                               0],  
               ['USA',       'America',            52,                              31],
               ['Mexico',    'America',            24,                              12],
               ['Canada',    'America',            16,                              -23],
               ['France',    'Europe',             42,                              -11],
               ['Germany',   'Europe',             31,                              -2],
               ['Sweden',    'Europe',             22,                              -13],   
               ['China',     'Asia',               36,                              4],
               ['Japan',     'Asia',               20,                              -12],
               ['India',     'Asia',               40,                              63],                  
               ['Egypt',     'Africa',             21,                              0],          
               ['Congo',     'Africa',             10,                              12],
               ['Zaire',     'Africa',             8,                               10]
            var options = {      
               minColor: '#f00',
               midColor: '#ddd',
               maxColor: '#0d0',
               headerHeight: 15,
               fontColor: 'black',
               showScale: true
            // Instantiate and draw the chart.
            var chart = new google.visualization.TreeMap(document.getElementById('container'));
            chart.draw(data, options);


Verify the result.

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