Facebook Marketing - A/B Testing


A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a method of working out which part of your post works the best with your audience. It splits the post from its −

  • Headline
  • Body copy
  • Images
  • Call-to-action
  • A combination of the above

When starting out a campaign, it is important to experiment with what will be most likely for the audience to engage with your posts, on which devices the posts work best for the audience that will eventually use your product/service.

Apart from testing post content you can also run tests on the following −

  • Countries
  • Precise interests
  • Mobile OS
  • Age ranges
  • Genders
  • Images
  • Titles
  • Relationship status
  • Landing page
  • Interested in

Creating a test

The best way to implement a test is to create two similar ads in your ads manager. Don’t post these ads to your wall but run a small paid campaign. In these ads, you may decide that ad A will have a short one-line sentence with an image and a caption. Ad B could have more content in the post but no writing on the image. You can run these ads with the same demographic type to see how people will react to the posts.

You also may want to try split testing the image itself. Think about what colors you are using, the psychology behind the colors and the way it makes the post feel. Keep the colors in an image to around three predominant ones as you don’t want the image to look too busy.

Although this type of testing can take time, it will eventually ensure that you know exactly who to target your advertisements to and how they should be designed.