Facebook Marketing - Likes Philosophy


Getting likes from the posts that you publish are great, to a certain extent. It is now undeniable that social media is a viable method of marketing and a great way to grow your brand and generate more traffic and income for your business.


The great benefit of ‘likes’ on Facebook is that they are quantitative and verifiable means of measuring success of the content you are providing.

For example, when on your page you post links to a new blog article on your website you can gain important feedback on how good and relevant the blog articles are. The more engaging and enjoyable the article, the more likes, shares, and comments the post should get. It can also provide you with the important feedback on the topics to choose for your future blog articles.

Although it is not binary, there are both active and passive Facebook users. If you have a lot of passive Facebook users as fans, they may not like as many posts or engage in conversation through messaging. Attractive active Facebook fans like posts more and are much more likely to click on external links to your website — which, if the end goal is to get a sale on your site, could be make or break method in generating revenue.

Likes also lead to insights. These insights provide detailed data on the activity that the fans are making on your site. This can be important for market research. If you have an ecommerce platform, by posting links to different types of items, you can see what kind of products your fan base likes more and can utilize this in your marketing strategy.

Another benefit that Facebook likes provide is that they show legitimacy and build a trust factor linked to your page. When someone visits your page and sees that there is a lot of engaging activity coming from your users, they will be more likely to trust your brand, which can help shape the brands identification on Facebook.