Facebook Marketing - Video Promotion


Video promotion provides a different dimension to your social media campaign. Whilst content and images are static, a video can provide entertainment and education in a faster and for some users more interesting way. Even if it is not something you have initially done with your Facebook page, it might be good to try and create a video that is in alignment with your brand and see what kind of feedback you get.

Video Promotion

Following are the different types of videos that you can create −

Videos that educate

Creating educational videos in your industry is a great way to show validation in what you do. This could be from picking a topic and teaching people about it to uncovering truths about questions people have been asking you on your page.

Videos that inspire

Inspirational videos convey the most powerful messages on the Internet and tend to be the ones that go viral the most. By telling a story or showing the story with music and captions, you can convey an inspiring story that people will remember.

Videos that entertain

Entertaining videos are a great source of fun. Especially, they tend to break the monotony of working continuously. These short videos give people a break from their routine work and bring smiles on their faces.

Promoting your video

After spending the time to create a video and putting it on Facebook, it would be a good idea to run a paid campaign so you can extend your reach. The goal should be such that the video is high on content value. This will lead people to like your page and share the video on their wall. Once you have posted the video, either go to the ads manager or in the video post, click boost photo. Applying the steps required to boost your page, you can also create an effective boost campaign for your target demographic.

With the steps required to apply the ‘call-to-action’ buttons, you can also create a watch video call-to-action on the top of your Facebook page. This directs people to the video post following a click.