C Library - <time.h>



The time.h header defines four variable types, two macro and various functions for manipulating date and time.

Library Variables

Following are the variable types defined in the header time.h:

S.N.Variable & Description
This is the unsigned integral type and is the result of the sizeof keyword.
This is a type suitable for storing the processor time.
3time_t is
This is a type suitable for storing the calendar time.
4struct tm
This is a structure used to hold the time and date.

The tm structure has the following definition:

struct tm {
   int tm_sec;         /* seconds,  range 0 to 59          */
   int tm_min;         /* minutes, range 0 to 59           */
   int tm_hour;        /* hours, range 0 to 23             */
   int tm_mday;        /* day of the month, range 1 to 31  */
   int tm_mon;         /* month, range 0 to 11             */
   int tm_year;        /* The number of years since 1900   */
   int tm_wday;        /* day of the week, range 0 to 6    */
   int tm_yday;        /* day in the year, range 0 to 365  */
   int tm_isdst;       /* daylight saving time             */

Library Macros

Following are the macros defined in the header time.h:

S.N.Macro & Description
This macro is the value of a null pointer constant.
This macro represents the number of processor clocks per second.

Library Functions

Following are the functions defined in the header time.h:

S.N.Function & Description
1char *asctime(const struct tm *timeptr)
Returns a pointer to a string which represents the day and time of the structure timeptr.
2clock_t clock(void)
Returns the processor clock time used since the beginning of an implementation-defined era (normally the beginning of the program).
3char *ctime(const time_t *timer)
Returns a string representing the localtime based on the argument timer.
4double difftime(time_t time1, time_t time2)
Returns the difference of seconds between time1 and time2 (time1-time2).
5struct tm *gmtime(const time_t *timer)
The value of timer is broken up into the structure tm and expressed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
6struct tm *localtime(const time_t *timer)
The value of timer is broken up into the structure tm and expressed in the local time zone.
7time_t mktime(struct tm *timeptr)
Converts the structure pointed to by timeptr into a time_t value according to the local time zone.
8size_t strftime(char *str, size_t maxsize, const char *format, const struct tm *timeptr)
Formats the time represented in the structure timeptr according to the formatting rules defined in format and stored into str.
9time_t time(time_t *timer)
Calculates the current calender time and encodes it into time_t format.