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Zoom In-Out in Word 2010

In this chapter, we will discuss how to zoom in and zoom out in Word 2010. Microsoft Word provides a functionality to apply zoom-in and zoom-out operations on a document. When we apply the zoom-in operation, it enlarges the size of text whereas applying the zoom-out operation reduces the size of text.

A zoom operation just changes the size of the font on-screen without impacting any other attribute of the document. You can apply the zoom operation in various ways as explained in this chapter.

Zoom-in & Zoom-out using view tab

Here is the simple procedure to apply the zoom-in or the zoom-out operations using the View tab −

Step 1 − Click the View tab and then click the Zoom button as shown below.

Zoom Button

Step 2 − When you click the Zoom button, a Zoom dialog box will appear as shown below. This will display the zoom options box to select a value to reduce or increase the size of the document on-screen. By default, it will be 100%; you can select 200% to increase the size of the font or 75% to reduce the size of the font.

You can click the Many pages down arrow and select to display multiple pages.

Zoom Options

Step 3 − Once you are done with selecting an option, click OK to apply the changes on the document.

Step 4 − Try different options available, for example Page Width and Text Width.

Zoom-in & Zoom-out using (+) and (-) Buttons

The following screenshot shows two buttons Zoom-out which is the (-) button and Zoom-in which is the (+) button.

Zoom Button 2

Step 1 − Click the Zoom-out button, you will find that your document size will decrease by 10% each time you click the button. Similar way, if you click on Zoom-in button your document size will increase by 10% each time you click the button.

Step 2 − Try this simple operation with different values to see the difference. The above screenshot shows 140% zoom-in view of the document.

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