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Entering Text - Microsoft Word 2010

In this chapter, let us discuss how to enter text with Microsoft Word 2010. Let us see how easy it is to enter text in a Word document. We assume you know that when you start Word, it displays a new document by default as shown below −

Enter Text

Document area is the area where you type your text. The flashing vertical bar is called the insertion point and it represents the location where the text will appear when you type. keep the cursor at the text insertion point and start typing the text. We typed only two words "Hello Word" as shown below. The text appears to the left of the insertion point as you type −

Hello Word

The following are the two important points that will help you while typing −

  • You do not need to press Enter to start a new line. As the insertion point reaches the end of the line, Word automatically starts a new one. You will need to press Enter, to add a new paragraph.

  • When you want to add more than one space between words, use the Tab key instead of the spacebar. This way you can properly align text by using the proportional fonts.

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