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Split Cells in Word 2010

In this chapter, we will discuss how to split table cells in Word 2010. Microsoft Word allows splitting a cell into multiple cells. We will understand how to split a cell into multiple smaller sub-cells.

Split a Cell

The following steps will help you split a cell into two sub-cells of a table available in word document.

Step 1 − Bring your mouse pointer position inside the cell that has to be divided into multiple cells.

Selected Cell

Step 2 − Now click the Layout tab and then click the Split Cells button; this will display a dialog box asking for the number of rows and columns to be created from the selected cell.

Cell Dialog Box

Step 3 − Select the desired number of rows and columns that have to go into the resultant cell and finally click the OK button to apply the result.

Split Cell

You can divide a cell into multiple cells either row-wise or column-wise or both.

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